Google AdWords New Broad Match Modifier

Before the days of Extended Broad Match, there was more control over the keyword variations that you could appear for. Now with Extended Broad Match you have the potential to receive a much larger volume of traffic but should be used with caution as it can lead to a lot of irrelevant traffic and significant drops in CTR.
Yesterday Google introduced the broad match modifier, which is said to fit between the existing broad match and phrase match types- see diagram below. This means you can target a wider audience with more variation on search terms but still maintain a level of control like you can with phrase and exact match.

Broad match modifier

The modified broad match type certainly looks promising as an option which seems to indicate that it will still deliver a good volume of targeted traffic but without some of the dangers that have previously been associated with broad match. Over the coming weeks we will be trialling this in the PPC campaigns we run for our clients that are currently using mainly phrase and exact match to try and increase traffic and conversions, and also clients who are using mainly using broad match to try and reduce irrelevant traffic. Modified broad match is currently only available in the UK & Canada.
Posted by: James Stanway (PPC Consultant)
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