“How-To” E-Books For Key Industries This Christmas

ree Ebook Christmas Marketing

Christmas is approaching fast, but it’s not too late to make the most of the opportunities this time of year. It’s just a case of identifying them and acting fast. That’s why Broadplace has put together a Free Ebook Christmas Marketing for you. Whether you’re a retailer in Toys & Games, Food or Electronics, there’s hints and tips for everyone. Time is of the essence, however, so we recommend you download your free Ebook now and contact us for more information on how we can help you to drive sales this Christmas.
Plus  – find out how you could win £500 of YouTube ad credit (download one of the Ebooks to find out how)

Did You Know?

Sales from smartphones in January ’16 are predicted to grow 99% Year-on-Year – time to make sure your website is mobile-friendly, especially your checkout pages!


Free Ebook Christmas Marketing
A general look at the Christmas landscape for all retailers in 2016 – a review of the key outcomes of 2015, followed by predictions for 2016. Hints and tips from Google and Broadplace. All of which will help you to secure the best marketing plan for Christmas 2016. Download your Free Ebook Christmas Marketing for Retail here…

Free Ebook Christmas Marketing Retailers
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Free Ebook Christmas Marketing
Beauty retailers will enjoy an uplift this Christmas, but when? Find out with the Free Ebook Christmas Marketing for Beauty. Included are Google’s predictions about search queries and volume; as well as hints and tips for taking advantage of the Christmas period. Get your free copy here

Free Ebook Christmas Marketing Beauty
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Did you know?

30% of location specific searches happen on a smartphone?


Free Ebook Christmas Marketing

When are your peak search times? What white goods and consumer electronics search queries were most popular last year? We’ve compiled the information and tips that will help you get ahead this Christmas. The Free Ebook Christmas Marketing for Electronics and Tech is your indispensable guide to driving sales this festive period, download it here

Free Ebook Christmas Marketing Tech
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Toys & Games

Free Ebook Christmas Marketing
It should come as no surprise to toys and games retailers that this is an incredibly busy time of the year. But do you know the peak times at which your customers are searching? How much growth does Google forecast in your sector this Christmas? Are your shopping ads up to scratch? Find out in the Free Ebook Christmas Marketing for Toys & Games here…

Free Ebook Christmas Marketing Toys & Games
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Did you know?

Only 10% of consumers do ALL their shopping in-store

Food & Grocery

ree Ebook Christmas Marketing

Food and Grocery retailers will be interested to learn when people most search for their products. This will help to guide you on when to ramp up ad investment to ensure you are front and centre when people are searching for your products.

Discover how Google forecasts spend for your industry in the 2016 Christmas period in the Free Ebook Christmas Marketing for Food & Grocery here…

Free Ebook Christmas Marketing Food & Grocery
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Online Retail Ads – When to Save And When To Spend This Christmas

We have been putting together a useful and practical gift for online retailers this Festive Season, whether you’re one of our customers or not. The key Retail Christmas Dates will help you to work out when you need to up your advertising spend and when to cut back to get the most out of your budget.
This infographic is packed full of facts and statistics about the most important shopping days over the next few months. This is a great tool for helping you see where you can save some budget in quieter times in order to boost ad spend on key dates.
Feel free to download this and distribute amongst your staff for them to get to grips with the newer retail phenomenons – Manic Monday and Super Saturday for instance. This is especially important for new staff or bank staff brought on to deal with the Christmas rush.
Here at Broadplace, our Google-qualified account managers are well versed in all things retail. Our sales team can also provide a free consultation on how you compare to your closest competitors and where you can get ahead.
Check out the stats for each shopping event in the run up to Christmas. Click here to download Retail Christmas Countdown 2015 – Key Dates & Stats as a printable PDF.
Retail Christmas Countdown
We hope you found this infographic helpful. Our team are always on hand to answer questions about how best to manage your ad spend and where to save and where to splurge. Even if you’ve never done a Google AdWords campaign, give the guys a call to talk through what you can achieve and to see what your competitors are up to.

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