AUTO: Interview with Broadplace’s Ajay Syal in AMOnline

AMOnline has been the UK’s leading source of news, insight and analysis for the automotive industry for over 25 years. The publication ran a piece on Ajay Syal and Broadplace’s position in the auto digital marketing sphere. We wanted to bring you the highlights.

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What Makes Broadplace Different?

Our industry does have a lot of smoke and mirrors, with many agencies using a lack of (client) knowledge as a sales tool,” said Ajay Syal. “We aim to demystify digital marketing by keeping things clear and simple. Transparency is a major issue in the industry, but it is our biggest strength.

The previous agency of one our clients was taking 50% of its £10,000 monthly budget as a management fee. We don’t work like that. All our invoices are clear and transparent – showing exactly how much and where the budget is being spent. Clients are even able to pay their media spend direct to Google if they wish.

With every auto client we’ve gained, the previous agency hasn’t released its data. It’s totally wrong. The good news is that Google algorithms have got much better at allowing you to regain the history and quality scores which in the old days would be very hard to get back.

At Broadplace, if a client isn’t happy after 12 months, we grant access to their full accounts (that’s all the KPIs and performance statistics). This way, the campaigns experience minimum disruption. Not that this happens very often. Clients including Mercedes Benz Retail Group are experiencing astonishing and sustainable growth. Indeed, Liz Tuesley (MBRG Marketing Manager) said, “The overall results of the campaign were frankly astonishing. We set very high targets and these were by far exceeded.”

Auto has grown naturally and organically for us, we’ve never really deliberately targeted the sector before. We’ve discovered auto is something we’re good at.



But what about the future of digital marketing in auto?

Well, we’re now measuring the offline effects of online campaigns. We can decipher who visits the showroom after interacting with ads online (not just on AdWords, but many different channels).

We can now run campaigns specifically to entice people to come in and touch the car, and can accurately measure the results.” says Ajay.

Furthermore, our close relationship with Google (we were recently named their “UK & Ireland’s Top Performing Agency”), means that we have access to Beta testing. For example,  a free Google campaign which filmed local ads for YouTube. We can also use a dynamically-based campaign which uses dealers’ feeds. So, clients don’t waste money on advertising cars which have already sold.

That’s a really good example of how ROI can improve quite significantly by committing that technology. It’s quite specialist, but our level of experience means we’re able to execute that technology. We’re really trying to bridge the gap between the digital world and the automotive sector,” Syal says.

Involvement in Betas means we can be among the first to market with lots of things,” he adds. “It’s very easy to run a business and look very internally, but our partnership with Google has helped us to see more 360-degree and externally.

You can read the full interview here.

To find out more about Broadplace’s approach to digital in the automotive industry and to read in-depth case studies, click here.

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Effective Tips for Writing Twitter Ad Copy

Twitter is hoping to make a comeback in popularity amongst businesses after Instagram and Facebook have taken over in recent years. There are many ways to make use of Twitter for an effective digital marketing campaign. Here are some tips for creating impactful ads that will lead to success time and time again.

The importance of Twitter ad copy
The importance of Twitter ad copy
Highlight urgency

Emphasising urgency is key to encouraging people to take immediate action. Perhaps you could advertise a one time or limited period offer or mention stock is in short supply. This will send users into a frenzy that they need to act soon to avoid missing out. Using phrases such as “for a limited time” and “sign up now” can be compelling call to action.

Offer percentage discounts

More people click on Tweets if they show discounts as a percentage rather than a currency figure. 20% off sounds better than £5 off. Use this to your advantage to gain more sales. Shoppers love a bargain and will likely tell their friends about it too.

Offer freebies

Who doesn’t love a freebie?! Lots of businesses can build their client base by offering free gifts, such as a podcast or e-book. This is something worth  considering if you have content to give away. This is also the perfect way to add them to your mailing list, so you can target any future promotions to them on a regular basis.

Use the right hashtags

Hashtags can be useful, but only if implemented in the right way. Hashtag overload and unsuitable keywords can be counterproductive and put potential buyers off. If your aim is to drive people to your website or follow your Twitter account then you don’t want to have someone click on your hashtag instead of your call to action, so only include them when it is relevant to do so. Hashtags are very useful for engagement as they link all other mentions of that phrase, but may distract from your link.

Engage your audience

Your audience needs to feel valued and engaged. Asking a question can help people feel like they are part of a conversation or community, and encourage them to take part or click through. Conversations between users may boost popularity and get your brand name out there to a wider audience. Try to engage your customers as much as possible by inviting them to ask questions. Reply to them on a personal one to one level and update your tweets with interesting and exciting news to keep them coming back over and over again.

Remember that it is important to test your campaign techniques and monitor progress on an ongoing basis. This is key to success as you will need to tweak any marketing plans to see improvements over time. Find out which copy performs best for your audience and focus on this as the main part of your campaign. Using various types of marketing as part of one bigger plan can be useful across different platforms as this offers continuity and a greater reach. Contact one of our experts for more information!

Broadplace Delighted With 3 Award Nominations

We are so proud that we are up for three WireHive100 awards this year – for individual and group work across a selection of clients. We love adding to the Broadplace awards so we’ve got everything crossed for more success again this year…

Broadplace Team, Up for Best Use of Search

This award was based on the work carried out for the UK’s favourite family-friendly discount retailer, The Works. Broadplace Advertising has worked with The Works since 2014, managing their PPC Campaigns, SEO, Content and Social.  In the first year of working together, Broadplace increased transactions by 275%. During 2015:

  • Sessions through paid search increased 10% from 6.1m to 6.7m users over the year
  • We extended reach through social, with unique shareable content, and through building social channels and advocates
  • Organic search now accounts for 42.1% of acquisition for The Works blog
  • In terms of revenue, we were able to provide The Works with 28% growth YoY

Broadplace’s in-house technology, CampaignHub helped the team to identify opportunities.
CampaignHub Broadplace
Other highlights included:

  • Achieved Internet Retailing Magazine’s Top 100 UK Retailers
  • Google Certified Shop status awarded
  • Particular growth from Google shopping campaigns, delivering 67% increase in transactions from 34,000 to 60,000 transactions YoY.
  • The visibility of relevant keywords has improved significantly – 47 (vs. 18) keywords in Top 5, 70 (vs. 34) in Top 10 on SERPs.

Broadplace Awards

Akash Raval, Key Account Handler – Up for Account Handler of the Year

We’re really proud of Akash’s rapid rise to fame. From apprentice to Key Account Handler and now a finalist for ACCOUNT HANDLER OF THE YEAR. As our Managing Director, Ajay Syal, said

“Akash is the perfect example of how great talent can never be held back! Akash is not committed to the cause- he is devoted to it! He truly bleeds Broadplace green. Akash has worked his way up through the teams and now manages our largest Key accounts where he has had a massive impact helping ROI increase for one of our biggest advertisers by 14%” He’s even wearing green today. What a champ!

Broadplace Awards

Dan Pillay, Head of Operations, up for Techie of the YearBroadplace Awards

Dan Pillay has sought to lead by example, implementing innovative technologies across the Broadplace infrastructure and throughout our business practices, specifically to improve customer experience. Dan was recently instrumental in Broadplace winning a coveted internal award from Google. Broadplace are also now placed third in the entire EMEA Region for Highest Client Retention.
We’re just so proud that Dan’s behind-the-scenes geekery has got the recognition it so rightly deserves.

Dan has been working incredibly hard creating CampaignHubLite – a free Adwords reporting tool that’s available to anyone doing AdWords themselves. Enterprise-level reporting using Broadplace’s own technology.
More on that soon, but for a sneak peek, click here to see if you could benefit from CampaignHub Lite.

Broadplace Awards
The finalists in full…

Turning Insight into Action

Broadplace recently attended the Google Premier SMB Partner conference. One of the key objectives outlined by Todd Rowe (Managing Director – Google Channel Sales) at the event was that each attendee would have at least one key takeaway from the conference.
With so many valuable sessions taking place, we as an agency wanted to not only share our key thoughts and takeaways with the wider community and customers, but also hold ourselves accountable for turning these insights into action points.
After all, in an industry where we believe that tracking, measuring and optimising are crucial to improving performance – we want to prove, and apply that methodology to our internal strategies as well.
Google SMB Premier Partner

My Top 3 TakeAways


Treat Customer Satisfaction as a Product 

Whilst we’re incredibly proud to have taken part in the panel of exceptional customer service results, we were enthused by the idea of key Googlers who believed in treating customer satisfaction as a product, constantly requiring review and iteration.
Happiness and satisfaction are never static, and are subject to other emotional reference points so we need to learn to not be satisfied with our best in class customer service results either, coming up with new products and ways to measure and improve our clients happiness.
Google Premier SMB Partner
What We’ve Actioned
In addition to our multiple customer feedback mechanisms we conducted some focus groups with account managers to find out how we could make these satisfaction tools more actionable and useful internally as well, with a question, “How can we improve this product?”.
Our Account Management team felt that by displaying our customer satisfaction in a live view on dashboards around the office they would be motivated by positive feedback and also close the loop and reduce response times to neutral or negative feedback.
Insight into Action
The Result
These product improvements, in combination with many other initiatives, have meant that we’re heading into a record breaking month for customer retention, feedback, referrals and success!


We define every aspect of digital!

Jeff Folckemer gave an influential return speech in which he highlighted how he wants Hearst Newspapers to be the front of all digital and Google products for clients, not just paid advertising products.
Google SMB Premier Partner
What We’ve Actioned
We took a step back and looked at where we stood on adoption of free digital products such as Google My Business map listings and decided that although customers can and should update their own listings for free…that we should lead, by analysing our adoption rates we realised that we needed to own this product more for our customers (completely free of charge) to be recognised and valued as experts on their business.
Taking the extra 5 minutes to help a client get seen on Google Maps really gets us under our clients skin and understand how their business looks from the street, typing in their phone number reminds us how important each call is and uploading their logo brings us closer to the identity that business wants to convey.
The Results
Through adding this as a focus for our existing customers and, including this service as standard for all new customers we’ve managed to push our Google My Business adoption rates up to over 60% and bring extra value to all our customers – all completely free to them!


Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

A common theme across all the sessions was that our sales process and services should be easy to follow for customers and our consultants, back to front or side to side! By understanding every single rule and situation, our team are better equipped to go the extra mile when making an exception, creating a custom solution, or dealing with a one in a billion business like yours!
Google Premier SMB Partner
What We’ve Actioned
We’ve been busy on our sales solution front, moving to a completely new CRM to give us valuable customer insight to help match each business with a solution that suits them. Improving our call monitoring to ensure our teams have the best training and resources, and building a newtool ready for launch this week which will allow any business to quickly, simply and clearly create a digital marketing plan of their own!
The Results
These new techniques have allowed our newest digital consultants to bring record numbers of customers online this month, opting them into more custom services than ever before, and with the quickest build and launch times we’ve ever had!


Broadplace Advertising invited to Google Partner program

google partner
Google has recently created a new and improved experience for agencies and digital marketing professionals combining certification and tools in a program called Google Partners.
Partners replaces the old Google Engage program of which Broadplace was previously a member. Google AdWords Certification has also now become part of Google Partners.
The Partner program now consists of 3 main areas: Certifications, Best Practices and Spend.
A Google Partner can be easily identified through their display of the Google Partner badge. Companies displaying this badge demonstrate best practice, manage AdWords campaigns using the latest tools and insights and keep abreast of new product opportunities.
The Google Partner badge shows the world that Google trusts your company and that potential clients can, too. It serves as an indicator of professionalism and know-how.
Broadplace is delighted to take its place under the new Partner program!
To check out Broadplace’s Partner page, click here
Written by Jim Houlden

Broadplace Advertising Collaborates With Their Local Jobcentre Plus To Help Young People

Are you a risk taker? Do you know a good opportunity when you see one? Can you make the most of it?
Work experience does not always conjure the best thoughts; however it can be a fantastic opportunity, as long as you are willing to take the risk to try it. There are a lot of benefits to work experience, as our Website Content Manager, Sarah Sharkey, discovered first hand. Her local Jobcentre Plus advisor referred her to Broadplace Advertising Ltd. for a work experience placement in content writing. She has held a fulltime position within the company for a year now, which is a fantastic achievement.
Earlier this week, Broadplace Advertising Ltd. was invited to give a talk at the local Jobcentre Plus, in Epsom. Having a close working relationship with the team of advisors there, this was an offer that could not be refused. Broadplace recognises the importance of getting involved with the local area and this not only allowed current young job seekers the opportunity to pick our brains in person, but we were also pleased to be able to return with Sarah, the member of our team who actually came from that very Jobcentre, and who is now keen to help more young people achieve success in the workplace.

Broadplace Advertising

Jila Beaumont (left), Job Centre Plus Advisor, and Sarah Sharkey, Website Content Manager for Broadplace Advertising Ltd – 14/06/2012.

You may not be sure what the right role for you is, or even what the daily tasks of said role may actually involve but with a no strings attached opportunity like that which work experience provides, you can find out.
As with most work experience positions or internships, there is no guarantee that you will be offered a fulltime job. Do not be discouraged; many employers are likely to appreciate a candidate that is actively seeking experience in an operating business, even if it is unpaid, as opposed to someone who is more pessimistic about their prospects.
Here, there is the potential for you to be introduced to a new industry where you can learn new skills, and polish old ones; from learning the appropriate phone manner to making a telesale, or from writing a simple article to creating high quality content for a range of mediums. There is no telling where your experience may lead you but you can be sure that it will stand you in good stead throughout your professional career.
Make the most of the openings that you are given, and speak to your local Jobcentre Plus advisor about work experience prospects with Broadplace today.
About Jobcentre Plus:
Jobcentre Plus is an extension of the Department for Work and Pensions. It is dedicated to offering welfare support and guidance to job seekers as well as potential employers by promoting opportunities in the local area.

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