Google’s Ad Suggestions And How You Will Benefit

Google have rolled out a new ‘recommendations’ feature called Google Ad Suggestions. We asked Broadplace’s Ella Cicero to break down what they are, how they work and how they could help your business…

“Research has shown that ad groups with 3 or more high-quality ads can get up to 5% to 15% more clicks or conversions than ad groups with only 1 ad, provided ad rotation has been optimized. The more ads you provide, the more options you’ll have to show the ideal message for each user search.”

So, What Are Google Ads?

Quite simply, Google Ad Suggestions automatically generate ads based on account data and existing ad copy. 

How Will These Affect The Way Advertisers Work?

We take a lot of time and care to deliver the best ads possible for our clients. We take pride in our abilities. But it does take a lot of time. So when Google announced the launch of Ad Suggestions back in April (rolling out now) we were in two minds about how this would affect how we work and the overall quality of ads within the industry. We were delighted at the prospect of freeing up time to test multiple ads for ad groups without having to rewrite each one. Any writer will tell you that to say the same things multiple ways is a challenge.


But What About Letting Google Have Involvement in Our Ads?

Well, they are only suggestions. Read on for instructions on how to disable them. But we think you’ll want to use them…

Why Are Google Introducing These?

In terms of the industry, it should improve things – Google are aiming to provide more clickthroughs. After all, not all PPCers are fully using ETAs (Extended Text Ads – read more here). With ETAs you have more opportunity to test different ways of presenting the same message. Advertisers who have more than one ad average a 21% higher clickthrough rate than those with just one. So with Ad Suggestions, Google hopes to deliver higher clickthrough rates to advertisers.

What Will Google Actually DO?

They’ll use the already launched Ad Variations to automatically create Ad Suggestions. The ads produced won’t be markedly different to what you’re already running.


What WON’T Google Do?

They won’t create new ads, or original content. They also won’t create ads for industries where specific advertising laws apply – for instance pharma, healthcare, finance etc. Any Ad Groups with disapproved or limited approval ads won’t see Ad Suggestions.

You can change, pause or remove the ads at any time – you can filter to see which ones are Google Ad Suggestions to make this quicker.


What If I Don’t Want This?

That’s fine, if you want to switch off Google Ad Suggestions just go to your Account Settings Page, expand ‘Ad Suggestions’ and click on ‘Don’t automatically apply Ad Suggestions’.

Where Do I Find This?

To find this new feature, you will have to visit the recommendations page in the new AdWords interface. You have 14 days to approve the new ad copy before it is automatically applied to your adgroup alongside existing ads. If you are not keen on the text that Google has provided, you have the option to decline the new ad or pause any that have been added already. You can also completely opt out of this feature if that’s of interest to you.

Do You Recommend Google Ad Suggestions?

I believe that this is a great addition to Google AdWords for advertisers especially. Here’s a few reasons why:

·         The ad suggestions are purely data driven, which means they should be high performing and extremely relevant.

·         It saves time thinking of new ideas to create new variations of your existing ads.

·         It’s an automated optimisation feature.

·         Google supports these new ad suggestions in 6 different languages.

·         They increase overall performance by 5-15%!

Are There Any Downsides to Ad Suggestions?

This isn’t going to cure everything. There are some potential obstacles that you may want to bear in mind before testing this new feature:

·         Many businesses have specific requirements in regards to the message they would like to portray within their ads, this therefore means that not all of Google’s suggestions may be entirely appropriate depending on the client’s needs.

·         The ads auto apply to accounts within 14 days of them being created so the advertiser will need to monitor this.

Overall, I think that this new ad technology by Google is a great way for advertisers to save time and improve account performance all at once, which let’s be honest is the absolute dream! You can learn more about the technicalities of Google Ad Suggestions from Google Support

Google Ad Suggestions is now available across the UK, just head to the recommendations tab in the new Google AdWords interface and discover a whole new world of ad automation.

Effective ad copy writing tips for your business

PPC and digital marketing are forever moving forward, but writing ad copy remains a key focus of any campaign regardless of platform changes. Here are some tips for writing effective ad copy for your business. You can also speak to our expert team at Broadplace about implementing a strategic ad copy campaign for your personalised needs.
Sell your product or service – How does it benefit the consumer?
You have just a few characters to sell your product or service. Make sure you focus on how you can make a consumer’s life easier, rather than just the various general benefits of your brand. Tell them what matters to them most. This is key to grabbing their attention for longer.
End the description line with punctuation
Make sure you add a full stop, or exclamation mark, to the end of the first description line after the headline. If your ad places in the top three listings then it may receive a longer headline. This is well worth putting into place and is a very simple technique to consider.
Focus on statistics and numbers
Statistics and numbers can be very persuasive sales techniques. For example, they immediately inform a potential customer how much they will have to pay for a product or service before clicking through to a site. This means the consumer can instantly decide whether to go with you or a competitor. Offer some great deals and display these in your ads to convince buyers to purchase. An example would be “Children’s colouring books. 10 for just £10”.
Headlines are key
The headlines need to be perfected as they are the main focus for a consumer. They will see this first! Create a strong, effective headline. You need to hook them in with this before they even consider reading the rest of the ad. Do not overlook the importance of this.
Consider the user’s objectives
When you sit down to write your ads, think about what a potential consumer would type into a search engine when looking for your product or service. Use these keywords and phrases in your copy for an effective campaign.
Use emotional triggers
Emotional triggers such as humour and fear can produce a powerful response. Consider these in your ad copy to encourage an emotion led purchase.
Create keyword-rich display URLs and interesting content
The display URL should contain your top keywords and be interesting and suited to your target market. Make sure they are unique! Don’t waffle on as you have a limited number of characters to make your content stand out.
In conclusion, be sure to utilise these effective techniques to ensure your copy converts to actual sales. Know and understand your target audience in order to create persuasive ad copy. Sell them the deeper benefit of your product or service and why it will improve their life. Remember to be very clear on your goal. Remove any unnecessary content and be sure to test your copy. Sit back and watch the clicks convert to real sales!

New version of Adwords Editor Available Now

New Version of Google Adwords Editor is available now. Google Adwords Editor has released new version (8.0.1) for Windows and Mac. Adwords Editor has been such a wonderful tool to manage the Adwords campaigns. With so many new changes on the Adwords taking place in last few months; we were expecting the new Adwords editor version. In its Blog Post (AdWords Editor 8.0.1 for Windows and Mac)  Google announced the version release and notes.
The Important changes / highlights are:
1.    Google AdWords Editor New Version 8.0.1 now supports location extensions this PPC Consultants can take advantage of location extensions using the editor interface. Managing Local adverts becomes easier. If you download and install the new version you can see the new Extensions tab in the AdWords Editor interface. You can also notice the absence of Local Business Ads tab.
2.    The new Adwords Editor also introduces collapsible and expandable panels, progress bars for tasks that can take some time, improved adding of My Client Center accounts, simplified exception requests, and more helpful error messages
3.    Now Adwords Editor version has a support for campaigns using target CPA and enhanced CPC bidding options
Please note that if you are already using Adwords editor then you will be asked to upgrade to new version. Once you do that; you will need to download the full account.  To preserve your comments and unposted changes, select the ‘Backup then Upgrade’ option in the automatic upgrade prompt
Enjoy the benefits of the new and improved Adwords Editor..
Please also check PPC Optimisation Tips
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Google Display Network and Display Advertising in Google AdWords

Google is making sure that they are adding enough tools and technologies to make Display Adverting a success. The latest blog introducing the Google Display Network covers the various initiatives, tools and technologies introduced by Google over last one year to add a great momentum to run display campaigns with Google.
Google AdWords has added new features, Targeting options as well as measurement tools to monitor the success of the content network. Google has been consolidating and adding more places for advertisers to run the display ads. Google could add more publisher sites though Google AdSense as well as DoubleClick Ad Exchange. Now the Google ad network has over one million sites. Google is rechristening the content network as Google Display Network
The Google Display Network will comprise all of the sites (apart from search sites), where you can buy ads through Google, including YouTube, Google properties such as Google Finance, Gmail, Google Maps, Blogger as well as over one million Web, video, gaming, and mobile display partners
The Google Display network will have all ad formats (text, Image, rich media, video ads) this will provide a good amount of flexibility as well as creative freedom to reach out to the intended audience in the way the audience wants to interact with the advertisers.
A good amount of reach coupled with varied formats of ads makes the Google Display Network good choice for the advertisers. Any PPC Company advising its client should experiment with Google Display Network. Don’t forget to use the Targeting options as well as the measurement tools too!!
In a few weeks time the AdWords interface would change to accommodate the new changes. In the interface you will notice a change from Content Network to display Network. Google has also launched a new website to provide further information.
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Click-to-Call Google Adwords Ads in UK

click-to-call ads in UK
Its a good news for UK advertisers on Google Adwords. All those who have or want to try their Google adwords ads on Click to Call; earlier faced issue since they could add free phone numbers (e.g. starting with ‘0800). Or phone numbers with local area code (e.g. starting with ‘020’ for London). Google yesterday announced more phone numbers eligible for click-to-call ads in the UK
As per Google communication Google has made available more type of phone numbers eligible to appear in Google adwords ads. These numbers are those beginning with 0843, 0844, 0845 and 087).
With the increased number of users surfing on net and searching on net through their smart phones ; its imperative that people will need phone numbers in the ad itself. The click-to-call ads enable PPC advertisers to include a clickable phone number as an additional line in the text ads. These are shown to Google users when they search using a mobile phone with a full HTML browser (such as the iPhone, Android-powered devices or those running Palm OS).

Click to Call Adwords UK Image

Click-to-call is useful to both the service provider as well as the prospective customer. Lets assume that someone is seeking an appointment with the hair dresser and when he searches for the hairdresser in a particular locality in Google search; the small little ad with the number appears. Its so convenient to just press on the number and have a call get through. I would definitely think that the feature will be used extensively in future and advertisers must try the feature atleast with a small budget at the earliest.
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Adwords Campaign Competition Analysis

All Adwords Consultants / advertisers always thought how good it will be know how the competition doing; and Google seems to have heard that. Google in its post; AdWords brings you insight about the competitive landscape has unveiled a tool to analyse competition.
AdWords Consultant can manage various parameters like bids, adverts, destination url, budget, ad extensions to increase the ROI of the advertising budget. Various tools provided by Google AdWords Interface also provides to measure ROI and take informed decisions. But it adds a tremendous insight if one would know how others in the similar or same category of service / product companies doing. Google has release the new tool and Google claims “We’re aiming to bring more transparency to AdWords with the launch of Analyze competition in the Opportunities tab”
As of now this feature is available to limited AdWords advertisers but Google will roll it out to more advertisers very soon in future.
How does  “AdWords Campaign Competition Analysis” work?
‘Analyze competition’ as termed by Google; examines the AdWords campaign activity over previous two weeks and identifies the categories which are relevant to the products / services that you are advertising on. These categories are as per the search queries and they are matched against Keywords, Ad text and Landing Page text. For every category that the AdWords campaign represents one can see the performance against the average of that category.
I am quite sure this tool will be a good addition and PPC advertisers as well as every expert PPC Consultant would love using it to benchmark the performance of the AdWords campaign against the industry performance.

When you hover over the data in the ‘Competitive Range’ column, you’ll be able to see more details such as the exact size of your competitive range, the mean and median performance levels for this range, as well as data on the absolute top and bottom performers.

Adwords Opportunity Tab and Analyze Competition
The advertisers can also download the data in .csv file format.

Have a look at the Video to know more

We at Broadplace are looking forward to use the tool for our clients.
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Google Adwords Launches New Billing Tab Control

This is surely an exciting time for Adwords with Google releasing many features on its Google Adwords Interface. In the recent blog post Beta Testing News: Try the new Billing tab to get more control and flexibility
The new interface is being released in U.S. Advertisers and Google will invite eligible advertise to test out the new feature. The Payment method wouldn’t change but there are will be new features which will help advertisers slice and dice as well as more control and flexibility.
New Billing Tab in Google Adwords
So what are the new features? Here is the list :
* Get more control. Choose to initiate a payment on your account at any time and use any form of payment available with your country and currency settings.
* Make payments directly from your billing summary page. You can do this by clicking the “Make a payment” button.
* Add multiple forms of payments and switch between them. Add as many forms of payment as you want to your account and switch between using them at any time.
* Use different business and billing addresses. Your business address doesn’t have to match your billing address. Plus, each form of payment can have a different billing address.
* Get additional support. You will have access to improved help content in the new Billing tab and help center.
There are a few changes with respect to the terminology used. Following seem to be the changes
Postpay  will be called automatic payments
Prepay will be manual payments
Direct debit will be bank account
Google has provided “FAQ for New Billing Tab
The new system will be rolled out soon for other countries soon but as of now it’s in testing phase and Google is testing the same in U.S. Those PPC Management Companies interested in checking the new system can apply here httpss://
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Filter to Allow Content Network Ads on Top 1000 Sites

Google has been continuously improving the features and solutions on the Google Content Network. The latest release (New tool for brand advertisers on the Google Content Network (
Some of the changes that we have seen over last year are

  • Frequency Capping : ( Frequency capping limits the number of times your ads appear to the same unique user on the Google Content Network. It doesn’t apply to the Search Network.)
  • Above the fold filter : it helped serve the adverts where they are seen at right place.
  • And of course the change which we are seeing to improve on the tools to measure the impact of the brand campaigns.

Google yesterday launched a filter which will allow the brand campaigners to target to Ad Sense sites among the 1000 largest on the web. The feature helps to reach out to large number of sites but only those which are authentic and has a solid user base. The Top 1000 list is defined by DoubleClick Ad Planner
How to activate :
To activate the new filter, select ‘non Ad Planner 1000’ within the ‘category filters’ section of your AdWords account. Keep in mind that not all sites in the Ad Planner 1000 are in the Google Content Network and that your ads will only show on those sites that are.
A word of caution: By enabling the feature ; you may stop appearing on some of our niche but high performing content sites which are very relevant to your product / service. We strongly recommend that have a look at the existing performance of the content network before enabling the feature.
Just in case you are not on content network; you may like to enable the feature and see the response.
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Adwords Improves View-Through Conversion Reporting

Google’s adwords blog regarding “Improvements to view-through conversion reporting for display campaigns”  covers what all of us were waiting for to measure more effectively the ROI of the display adword campaigns on Google content network. Google had launched view through conversion reporting last year. The new improvement is next step to Google commitment to provide good reporting interfaces to optimise the content network display ads so that ROI can be maximised.
There are two main areas in which the PPC Company can get benefit:
1. Customizable view-through conversion window
2. De-duplication of search conversion reporting
With the new interface we can set the custome range for window, It helps to analyse the range for view-through conversions reported. Earlier the window was set for 30 days making it inflexible and thus annoying when one wanted to analyse a specific range. Depending on the advertisers business/ Product / Service one can analyse the date range. In some cases the decision to buy / call / action can be instant but in case of some of the services / products the decision making may be longer. These variations can be tracked pretty effectively with the new improvement in View Through Conversion reporting
The new interface also allows the option to exclude reporting for view-through conversions that are duplicated across both the Search and Content Networks. Thus search and content can be separated out; Google will de-duplicate if the user has clicked on the search advert.
I think the improvement is definitely a nice change it will help analyse the display spend much better and we at Broadplace Advertising Look forward to use the feature for our customers.
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Recently our client’s site appeared on Voucher Codes keyword on page 1. The Keyword is very competitive.

Google Adds Bid Ideas in Opportunities Tab of Adwords

Google Adwords interface has been effectively providing Keywords and Budget ideas from “Opportunity” tab for last few months. This immnesly helped the PPC Consulting company like Broadplace (As you are already aware of). This benefit was passed on to our customers and we could see good ROI from PPC budget of our customers.

Google Adwords Bid Ideas

Now, Google has added more functionality to the Opportunities tab with the introduction of bid ideas. Bid ideas, based on bid simulator data. This will  help raise or lower bids on specific keywords to improve AdWords ROI. This is one more functionality that we as a PPC Company plan to use it for our customers. This takes care of Whether you wish to decrease overall costs or increase traffic to your website, customized bid ideas can help determine exactly which bids to adjust to make the most of advertising budget.

The Graph showing click versus cost for a range of bid amounts can help get the visual interpretation to take a quick (But good decision).
The data definitely provides a good ideas regarding the bidding range and when analysed by Adwords professional ; the same can be very potent to increase ROI of the Adwords budget.
We, at Broadplace, plan to test the feature extensively and roll out the same for our Google Adwords PPC Clients
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Click-to-Call Phone Numbers in Local Ads on Mobile Devices

Mobile as a device to search is rapidly gaining popularity. The search obsession when we are in front of computer is naturally getting extended to when we are not in front of the computer. (Though for some it may mean that being away from Computer by a few meters too!!! ) Google Mobile app on i-phone or voice search as available on Nexus-one has made people more comfortable ordering the mobile device to get the search results.
Searching on mobile phone device can also be convenient since one can call the service / product provider straight away. The new service introduced by Google helps advertisers reach out to the rapidly expanding mobile searching prospective customer. The “Click-to-Call” service can be made very local by adding a location-specific business phone number in ads that appear on mobile devices with full internet browsers.

This service can be very effective for local service providers who can easily make their presence felt to the prospects as well be easily accessible as the customers can call.
This new feature also makes it easier for advertisers to fully measure the results of their ads by allowing them to track how many calls were actually received.
More details can be found at:
Pay Per Click (PPC) Management Services
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The Basics Behind Adwords New Interface

Adwords has been growing like a weed since it was first introduced to the Internet community and it has been one of the most popular programs with advertisers ever since. It is one of the many bits and pieces of Google that is consistently reinventing itself and recently a new interface was released for the program. It is currently available on the active campaigns tab and users can switch back and forth between the old and new interface for thirty days so that they can get used to it. All of the news accounts that have been created since its appearance in campaigns use the new interface.
There are some changes to Adwords that make the new interface different. Here are some of the highlights.

  • Left navigation has been added to the main screen giving the program an Adwords Editor feel. This makes navigation through the program considerably easier as now you look at your entire account with one click.
  • You can now see all content on all levels of a tab hierarchy which helps you with analysis of your Adwords campaign.
  • A keywords tab has been added to the new interface as well as graphs similar to ones being used in Google Analytics. This allows the user to spot trends quickly and view metrics and data comparisons.
  • You can now define rules for your keywords, ads and placements thanks to the new filter feature. You can also set the CTR percentage so that you can phase out of words that no longer produce results.
  • You can create new campaigns easily with the simplified interface. Bids, ads and keywords can all be created and set using the campaign management tabs after the ad groups have been created.
  • The ease of Adwords Editor has been added to the new interface in order for users to edit their keywords when needed.

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