Google Acquires AdMob

Mobile Advertising is moving fast and it could be just waiting for a tipping point and avalanche may just start. Google seems to be making sure that it rides on the wave too. Google today officially announce acquisition of AdMob ( The blog post ” We’ve officially acquired AdMob! ”  covers the news.
AdMob is one of the world’s largest mobile advertising networks, offering solutions for discovery, branding and monetization on the mobile web. AdMob’s Mobile Advertising Network help advertisers reach out to the targeted audience. The system also helps the mobile site owners monetise their mobile web property.
Mobile advertising is growing and its becomes an important aspect of the customer acquisition strategy. Google plans to get its search expertise along with AdMob’s solutions to get a compelling proposition for both advertisers and mobile websites / applications
With the increased usage of Smart phones its inevitable that search will happen on mobile device. Their is definitely a good amount of increase in the mobile search and the trend will grow exponentially with the new devices coming up. Nexus one allows people to speak out search queries and I am sure many new features in the smartphone category will push people to have mobile search as happening realllity that hypothesis.
Not just mobile websites but the mobile apps are gluing the users to be more and more on mobile for their daily entertainment / news / social media / … needs. AdMob has been an ideal target for Google to enhance in the Mobile Search space. AdMob was one of the first companies to serve ads inside mobile applications on the Android and iPhone platforms.
Advertisers,  Agencies  and PPC Service Providers must use the benefits provided by the union of Google and AdMob in the coming months
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