Struggling With Creating Display Ads?

If it’s imagination you lack when creating image ads, or it’s too time-consuming to find the perfect layout, pictures and text, why not make use of the Display Ad Builder located in your AdWords account? This is a free tool that allows you to create ads using your own personalised logos and text. You can also upload your own custom images (via Simple or Flash) and videos to create engaging click-to-play video ads.
This nifty tool provides you with over 100 different templates, with a variety of different themes ranging from seasonal designs to industry themed layouts.
Where do I start?
Firstly you must log into your AdWords account and select the campaign you wish to run the new ads in, and then select the “New Ads” tab.

Once you have chosen your desired campaign, it’s then time to choose your template. Now, I know I said that this tool is meant to save you time, but because there are so many designs I have found myself taking a while browsing through the different styles as there are so many to choose from.
With a template for near enough every industry, finding one is simple. You can also filter the templates to show you the most popular designs as well as the layouts which have accumulated the best click-through rate used by other advertisers in the past.
The editing option enables you to create a customised headline, description line and gives you the option of importing the logos and images of your choice. You can also choose from a range of colours and fonts that best relate to your site and convey your message to the user.
Short On Time?
If you are really short on time and the idea of scrolling through ad templates doesn’t appeal to you then don’t worry because there is an even quicker way to create the perfect display ad in a matter of minutes by using the suggested ads feature.
After a few seconds this tool will scan your site and create ads adjusted to your website’s style and messaging.

These suggested designs are not perfect but they are a great place to start – in addition, it would take less time to make the necessary adjustments than to build one from scratch.
Remember that once you have finished and reviewed the sizes, whenever you make changes and edit the ad you will be editing all size variations at the same time, so keep that in mind when you readjusting image and font sizes.
Written by Lewis Barker

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