SEO Is Not an End In Itself

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  • On February 1, 2011
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Why do we do SEO on a website?… to drive relevant traffic (Free of course). The visitor also tends to have more expectations once he/ she clicks on the organic listing. Since the visitor believes that the site will be authority site.  Imagine, the site is not helpful and the structure and content is to please more the crawler than the visitor. The visitor will shut the browser and move on to other site. The content and structure of the site has to help the visitor to get what he wants and the visitor will stay on the site and you will get expected “action” (May it be purchase or sign up) for the visitor. Google will also monitor the “bounce ratio” and if your website has a lesser bounce ratio the n you will further be benefited  9May be a better rank)
SEO is highly important if a website is to be a successful one. But let’s get one thing straight – it is not the only thing that needs to be looked at if a website is to gain a good strong audience and get lots of traffic.
If you know anything at all about online content you will have come across the word ‘quality’ popping up over and over again. Make no mistake, quality is the watchword (or should be) for every website online today. The trick is to get quality to go hand in hand with SEO, so the two form a bond that will benefit the website in lots of different ways.
Some webmasters will have you believe that search engine optimisation is the most important thing bar none. But this is not exactly true. Search engine optimisation is certainly exceptionally important, but if you forget to introduce quality content to your site you won’t have traffic that keeps on returning.
Ask yourself this question. How many times have you visited a website only to find that the content doesn’t really help you out at all? SEO is capable of delivering traffic to your site if it is done properly, but if the quality isn’t there they won’t stay for very long. It might be helpful to think of the SEO as a hook to get them there. The content is the bait that will keep them interested while you reel them in and impress them with what your site has to offer.
It doesn’t matter what kind of website you have either. You could have a site that is all about selling or one that simply provides information for people. Whatever the focus might be, it is important to remember that SEO is only part of the equation to get you the audience you want. It is the surface gloss, so to speak, whereas the actual quality content itself is the structure of the site. You need to have both together to get the finished result to be as good as it can possibly be. Otherwise you will have something that is all substance and no gloss, or vice versa. Both situations have their negatives.
If you are new to the whole game of setting up a website, SEO can be like learning another language. But it is a language most people can get the hang of in the end. It might be in a rudimentary, basic way, but you can learn enough to provide you with the basics. In contrast, knowing what quality content actually is will help you to create a much stronger site where everything slots neatly into place.
So in answer to the question in the title, no, SEO is not the only thing that matters. It is one of the more important things, but in the end it is just one piece of the puzzle. Finding all the pieces and slotting them together is what matters.

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