Preparing for the Q4 Shopping Spree

Google Shopping Best Practices, Tips and Tricks

Q4 is fast approaching, so it’s time to review those best practices for Google Shopping! This strong list of best practices will help you kick start optimising your shopping campaigns to achieve the best performance, when it really matters!


1. Separate best sellers or high value products in different campaigns with different priorities depending on your goals.

Common ways to separate your shopping campaigns:

  • Brands
  • Product Category
  • Sale Items
  • Product Price
  • Best Sellers

Preparing For Q4 Digital Marketing


2. As well as having the separated product campaigns with specific uses at different priorities, it’s best practice to also have a campaign at low priority which covers all products.

Set other more segmented shopping campaigns to a medium to high priority. This way, search terms will match to those campaigns first and anything not covered will match the ‘all products’ campaign. Having that ‘all products’ campaign will make sure that those products are eligible to show as shopping ads.


3. Keep an eye on Auction Insights…

…as if you’re bidding alongside unrelated businesses, then you might have to rethink how you’re appearing in Shopping.

Preparing For Q4 Digital Marketing


4. Manual CPC bid strategy should be lower than the search CPC but also in line with industry CPC.

However, a target ROAS strategy will see Google control the Cost per Click based on millions of data points to achieve the desired ROAS.

Preparing For Q4 Digital Marketing


5. Having seasonal product shopping campaigns is a really good way of organising products.

Ideally, if the product list is not that big, the clients could use custom labels in order to label items that do well in certain seasons. For example, a woolly hat would be in the ‘winter’ campaign as it performs better in winter than during other seasons in the year.

Preparing For Q4 Digital Marketing


6. Check Merchant Centre

Depending on the amount of products that the client has, checking Merchant Centre for product improvements is useful as product alterations can help get a product more visibility and appear on more accurate search terms.

Preparing For Q4 Digital Marketing


7. Optimise product content to improve search relevance to deliver improved performance.

Some key optimisation techniques would be to:

  • Optimise your titles – Include unique and important product attributes in the title (brand, gender, product type, size and colour)
  • Optimise your description – Think of your product description as your ‘ad’. Add as much relevant information as you can. Add pertinent keywords and info from the landing page.
  • Optimise your images – They say an image is worth a thousand words. Make sure your image is high quality and abides to all of the policies (no watermark etc).
  • Add the recommended attributes to the feed – Google Product Category, Product types, at least 3 levels deep, Custom labels, Mobile link.

Preparing For Q4 Digital Marketing


8. Differentiate Product Ads

You can attract consumers by highlighting your unique value proposition. Do this by:

  • Adding Merchant Promotions through Google Merchant Centre; these can be discounts, free gifts or shipping. For example “Spend £30, Enjoy Free Shipping”
  • Adding Merchant Ratings which will drive online shoppers to your store and earn more qualified leads to increase your ad performance. This can be done through a review feed, a reviews aggregator, or to participate in Google Customer Reviews.

Preparing For Q4 Digital Marketing


9. Implement a Smart Shopping Campaign

This will allow you to use your time more efficiently to build a strategy for Q4. It takes your business goals and campaigns based on your objectives to choose the most appropriate bidding strategy for you and then uses machine learning to automate optimisations across intent channels.

Preparing For Q4 Digital Marketing


10. Review search query reports regularly.

This is because shopping campaigns don’t specifically have keywords. Shopping campaigns ideally need to have a search query report done about twice as much as the search campaigns. This is because you’re not bidding on keywords so you have less control over what searches your ads will show for.

Now you’re prepared to use Google Shopping to its full potential; good luck this season and Happy Shopping!

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