PPC Account Audit

Check you’re making the most of your budget with our free PPC account audits.

If you want to bring in more revenue from your PPC campaign and reduce your advertising spend, you need to ensure your campaign is properly set up to deliver high quality traffic and convert sales, leads and new enquiries for your business.

A poor campaign setup can result in huge wastage and a blackhole in your budget. Many new clients come to us with ad campaigns that are poorly set up, with missed opportunities to drive revenue.

Our PPC account audit service helps to identify missed opportunities, reduce wastage and find quick wins to maximise the success of your campaign. With experience across all of the major biddable platforms, all of our account team are well positioned to advise on your PPC strategy and structure, whether it’s Google or Bing, Amazon or Facebook.

The Broadplace PPC Audit

Unlike other Audit services, we first try and understand your business and goals. It is important for us to have some context when we assess an account, so we can align the campaigns with your company and its objectives.

Our PPC account audit is a thorough process, looking at all the details, from the structure and targeting to the conversion goals, use of audiences and additional data. We don’t run an automated report, we address all of the key areas specific to your business and present them to you to ensure they’re actionable and fully understood.

We’ll guide you through how to implement any of the actions we recommend and find ways to test and refine in the future.

Google Ads Audit

Google Ads Account Audit

As Google Premier Partner and over 16 years’ experience helping clients get great results from their Google Adwords, we’ve seen it all. Whether you’re a new business, wanting to see whether PPC is the right channel to drive sales, or an established brand looking for guidance on future strategy, our data-driven approach and algorithmic knowledge helps drive client performance.

As you’d expect from a PPC Agency, we follow best practice in terms of account setup, structure, targeting and bidding, and as a Google Premier Partner, we get exclusive access to new products so you can benefit from better results sooner.

Our certified PPC experts can help you outperform the competition in Google’s crowded marketplace with the right bidding strategy, ad copy and landing page by driving high value conversions.

Microsoft Ads Audit

Microsoft Ads Account Audit

Microsoft’s Bing can deliver some fantastic results, so by diversifying your efforts, you could lower your cost per conversion and operate in territories that your competitors may not have explored.

Every Bing PPC campaign needs careful setup, starting with the goals you want to achieve. The algorithm works differently to Google’s Adwords, so you need a partner who understands the best practice for Microsoft Bing platform and help create a strategy that makes the best use of this alternative search engine.

Facebook Ads Audit

Facebook Ads Account Audit

Paid Advertising on Facebook, the world’s largest social media platform, can drive valuable sales and leads for your business. And we’re not talking about ‘Boosting Posts’. We design and build high converting Facebook ads using advanced targeting capabilities that reach the right people with the right message.

Whether you want to assess the performance of an existing Facebook campaigns, need help setting up catalogue ads or you want to start a new campaign from scratch, our Facebook Advertising specialists can help you reach your goals.

Google Analytics Audit

Google Analytics Integration & Audience Set Up

If you use Google Analytics as your website reporting tool, it’s worthwhile ensuring it’s integrated with Google Ads. This helps to give accurate and detailed reporting on your campaign PPC performance directly in Google Analytics, and helps you assess how Google Adwords is performing against other channels within your marketing mix.

We can help integrate Analytics with Adwords and help to interpret the data so you understand the audiences and user segments you should be monitoring.

How To Get Your Free PPC Account Audit


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One of our team will get in touch to get a better understanding about your business. It helps give us context when we’re looking at your marketing activity.


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We review your ad account

Our specialist team reviews your campaign and account setup, along with the performance and optimisation opportunities.


We present our findings

We get back in touch to talk you through the findings and recommendations.

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