Google Runs Experiment Showing Click Counts for Pay Per Click Adverts

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  • On June 27, 2011
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If you have been searching for things using the Google search engine recently, you may have spotted a slight change in some of the paid ads that have been displayed. It has been noticed that some of the adverts have a small line of text underneath them, stating how many times that particular ad has been clicked on.
Here are some things to bear in mind about this new addition as it stands at the moment:
1. Google has issued confirmation that this is a “small experiment”
2. No one knows whether it will be expanded or even continue in the future
3. Two types of additions have been spotted
4. The first said “56,000 clicks” or however many were relevant
5. The second was longer, saying “56,000 clicks for this advertiser”
6. The data appears underneath only some of the PPC ads that appear on the search results pages
Google PPC Click CountsIt is too early to say whether such information would actually be of any use to anyone. There is no way to tell what time period the number of clicks displayed is relevant to, so there is a limited amount of usefulness that the information has anyway.
Effect on PPC Campaigns
Some people are also wondering whether the information would prevent users from clicking on certain ads, if they have a low number next to them. Could it be a positive or negative influence on the results in general?
Another point that has come up by people evaluating this experiment is how it could affect the organic search results. These do not have any click information on them, but there is always the possibility that Google could experiment with showing information for this as well.
If you are looking to use PPC adverts to enhance your business sales, this experiment should not deter you from going ahead. It is too early to tell what effect the new information on clicks will have on the PPC market as a whole. In addition to this only a small fraction of results are showing the information anyway.
Pay per click ads has proven to be highly effective for all kinds of businesses in the past. This is not set to change anytime soon, and regardless of whether Google rolls out its experiment on a larger scale or not, PPC will always be well worth trying. The trick is to ensure you hire an expert PPC Company to manage your campaign for you. This way you will undoubtedly get more clicks for your own adverts.

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