Phishing Attempts While Transition from YSM to Microsoft adCenter

Phishing attempts are not just showing any signs of slow down. The “Phishers” seem to finding new and seemingly “very convincing” ways to fool people to share their personal credentials / username and passwords for important accounts / mails etc. This time around there is a possibility that the phishers will try to exploit the transition of Yahoo! Sponsored Search advertisers to Microsoft’s adCenter platform. As per latest post by Y! What’s that Phishy Smell?
there is a possibility that the “Bad Guys” will contact by mail / phone etc to share their username / password of YSM and/or adCenter. We have seen cases where the advertisers have lost money due to phishing. The Phisher generally sets up a campaign and drives traffic to his/her sites could be possibility that the credit card details will get compromised too.
Yahoo has mentions following important points on the blog post:
1. Access Yahoo! Search Marketing and Microsoft adCenter from our official emails containing direct links to the URLs listed below, or by simply typing these URLs into your browser:
* For Yahoo Search Marketing: httpss://
* For Microsoft adCenter: httpss://
2. Protect your Yahoo! and Microsoft log-in credentials by:
* Committing your log-in IDs and passwords to memory, and not writing them down.
* Never sharing or revealing your credentials to anyone, especially to someone proactively contacting you via phone or email and claiming to represent Yahoo! or Microsoft. Emails that ask for your password are fake. We will never send you an email asking for your password.
We strongly recommend that be careful ; if needed please talk to you PPC Company for advice.
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