Online AdWords Course How to Advertise on YouTube

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  • On February 1, 2011
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Google had extended its AdWords spread on YouTube sometime back. If you want to enhance your online presence to draw relevant traffic to your website then advertising on YouTube can also be a good option. YouTube can help you accomplish both by giving you access to the world’s largest online video-streaming and -sharing community.YouTube can very much help you enhance your current advertising campaigns with good amount of impressions and video advert steraming opportunities. If set up well then it can create a very potent and high impact advertising.

The next question obviously is “How to set up a YouTube campaign”. Google has set up a live online course  on Feb 2 to provide the good insight into how to set and manage YouTube advertising campaign. The AdWords Online Classroom (UK) course is available here
This live course will be presented by a YouTube Specialist and is appropriate for all advertisers interested in growing their profile on YouTube. It will take place on Wednesday, February 2, 2011, from 3 pm to 4 pm GMT (7 am to 8 am PST).
Don’t miss it!!!!

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