How to add ‘Deja vu’ with Google Re-marketing

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  • On November 29, 2010
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Google is known to offer online marketing firms with novel online advertising techniques which aid in increasing their conversion score. Google re-marketing being the latest online technique which has been a great stimulator in the same direction.
Cookies are used to track customer purchasing pattern which help the search engines and online marketers to understand the market dynamics in a better way. Google re-marketing follows your site visitors through these cookies when they visit another website related to products and services offered by you. When visitors leave your website without making a purchase it clearly indicates they want to search more and then decide to buy. Hence they check out what other websites are providing. When they land on other websites in search of the similar products, your ads will be displayed to them because of Google re-marketing, reminding about their earlier visit to your website.  A good PPC company will surely consult it and increase the probability of sale from your site.
Google re-marketing simplified:

• People visit websites through banners, content, organic search or through pay per click ads
• Their behavior on your website is tracked through cookies which keep record of their visit along with the pages they have visited. With the help of these cookies you can easily ascertain if they have downloaded data, filled up the purchase form or even actually purchased something.
• Google re-marketing makes use of a tracking code to create ‘audiences’. This needs to be inserted in your website pages so that it can track what the visitors are doing on your website. This code is also integrated in your Google Ad Words account.
• Once the re-marketing network is configured out, you can then hit these ‘audiences’ of previous visitors to your site and serve adverts accordingly when they are on other sites in the Google display network. You can also control the display of adverts and decide on how many times that user sees you again and with what message. At the end, you can even study the visit pattern and decide upon modifying the adverts accordingly which could lead to increase in the conversion rates.

Highlighting the advantages of Google re-marketing in brief –

• With the aid of Google re-marketing, the potential customers are reminded about your products and services in a manner which diverts them to visit your site once again. As people are again brought back to your site they will remember you and thus lead to conversions.
• Re-marketing will help you in creating a high recall value of your brand. As your visitors will be constantly reminded of your products and services while they are on other sites you will be following them through your ads.
• It helps you reach the right target audience. Re-marketing lets you choose the visitors whom you want to show your ads and who all you want to exclude. This can be done by analyzing the data that the tracking code gathers. I can also help you to target to previous customers and drive repeat business.
• Google is the most widely used search engine for search around the world. With Google re-marketing you are sure to reach the maximum number of people who are not just searching for products and services that you are offering but also willing to buy them.

To conclude, Google re-marketing is a useful tool for converting the leads into sales. Even if it doesn’t, it at least helps your brand/site getting registered in the minds of the user and he/she would take your brand into consideration for the future need of similar products.
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