Why Do You Need to Know How Customers Search Online?

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  • On August 11, 2011
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We all go online and search for goods and services from time to time. Some of us do it every day. If you happen to own a business it pays to know more than this. A research conducted by comScore tried to search answers to certain questions, read on to find out more.
Search behaviour can tell you a lot about how you should position your business online to get the best results. If you are not paying attention to the search behaviour of your customers (or potential customers) you will be leaving money on the table that could go into your pocket.
What kind of traffic is your website receiving at the moment?
If your website is already getting traffic you can learn a lot about the searches and the keywords people use to find you. Ask yourself these questions:
1. Which keywords are dominating?
2. Which keyword phrases are you doing best with in the search engines?
3. How long are people staying with your site once they have arrived via those phrases and keywords?
SEO is an important element for every website. But you must make sure that you deliver on your promises. Even if you target specific keywords in order to appeal to a specific set of customers as they search for that information, you or your SEO company must deliver by providing the information, product or service they are looking for.
There are times when a person will search for a specific company or product, thus performing a navigational search. You may appear in the search results if you happen to sell the product they want. In other cases someone will look for someone local to them, performing a transactional search instead.
Search behaviour can influence your pay per click campaigns
Once you have identified your target audience you can figure out what phrases they use to find what they are looking for. This can help drive your PPC campaigns.
For example some people might perform a local search, looking for a specific service in their area. If you identify a pattern among people coming to your website, you can use these popular search terms to drive a local PPC campaign for the best results.
The reason why many businesses hire a marketing company to handle their SEO and create a focused strategy for success
Many people know how important it is to drive more qualified traffic from the search engines to their website. They also know they must convert this traffic by supplying the information that these searchers are looking for.
Customer search behaviour is a vital element in all of this. But it isn’t something that many businesses are fully able to understand. A marketing company can focus on setting up or enhancing any existing website so that it has a focused strategy for content, SEO and pay per click too. The most successful keyword phrases can be identified and the content can be written to give that audience exactly what it is looking for.
Understanding the ins and outs of how customers search online can be difficult. But it is clear to see that it is worth persevering in finding out as much as you can about the way people search, so that you can benefit from it financially.

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