Google Suggest Provides Spelling Correction in Search

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  • On June 8, 2010
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When “Google Suggest” was launched all of us were aided well to reach to the relevant query much faster. Now Google suggest has been almost part of our search journey. Many times when we spelled the query wrongly we thought how good it would have been if  Google had understood what we wanted to search and provided a right Suggest. The wait is over as per blog post Google has introduced the spelling correction feature.
Google has offered spell-corrected search completions to provide with similar search queries from other users. As per Google this feature not only helps rest the fingers but you can catch a mistake quickly and easily.
Google Suggest Image
The Google suggest has become more simple and intuitive. If you’re typing a query for which there are no search completions to offer, and yet some of your search terms do seem to be misspelled, Google Suggest will now offer a “Did you mean” suggestion for your query. Right now this feature is available only on and it will be rolled out internationally soon.
We feel this feature will be good for the users as well as for advertisers. The PPC Management  will need to definitely look for how people are searching and the enhanced importance of the misspelling.
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