Google Shopping & Product Listing Ads

How Google Shopping Can Work For You

From small businesses to large retailers, Google Shopping can offer some great opportunities to reach large, targeted audiences. Get targeted Google shopping campaigns to put your products in front of the right customers.

Compete With Your Biggest Competitors

With our expertise you can genuinely stand your ground against larger retailers or service providers. It’s all about knowing where and how and what to bid. Google Shopping is a great way of overcoming the size hurdle. The key is to match specific search queries to your product offering.

Lower CPCs?

Depending on your industry, clicks can cost less with Google Shopping than with the usual Search options. We work tirelessly to ensure you have the right campaign structures and targeted product feeds.

Benefits of Google Shopping

  • Better quality leads Specific pricing and product information
  • Higher Clickthrough Rate
  • Refinable bidding strategies
  • Use promotions for competitive advantage
  • Increase traffic Interested customers direct to your website
  • Choose which products to give most visibility

Tell me how Broadplace would use Google Shopping to bring me more business

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