Google Remarketing

Google AdWord’s Remarketing tool is a clever little beast. Have you noticed that adverts from websites you visited last week pop up on other websites you’re now visiting? And they’re showing you things you’d forgotten about in a basket somewhere?

This type of advert generally has a high conversion rate because of the level of accuracy involved. You’re showing people something they’ve already expressed an interest in. That can be specific products or simply your brand and website.

How Does Remarketing Work For You?

Hundreds of companies use Broadplace for their remarketing, also known as retargeting. We understand how galling it can be to see someone get through part, or most, of the buying process and then, for whatever reason, abandoning their purchase with you. Just a few years ago, you’d have to accept that as part of business. Now, with remarketing, you can make efforts to win back that customer.

Analytics Remarketing

You can go one step further and using data from Google Analytics, target customers based on their behaviour. For example, you could set up a remarketing audience based on users who added a product(s) to their basket but didn’t complete the purchase. You might want to tempt them back to make the purchase with a discount code. Another example might be a customer who has already purchased a BBQ accessories set and an apron, you could remarket with targeted ads showing a related item, such as a meat tenderizer.

Why should you choose remarketing?

  • Better quality leads Specific pricing and product information
  • Get back people who landed on your page but didn’t convert
  • Upsell products to customers after purchases
  • Increase brand awareness - before and after purchases
  • Better conversion rates, selling to existing customers is easier
  • Reduce loss of leads

Customer Match

Utilise your customer information (email lists) and use them to retarget customers when they’re logged into their Google account (e.g. Gmail, G+, YouTube), which is most of the time!

Tell me how how Broadplace would use Remarketing to get me more conversions

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