Google Reconsideration Requests

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  • On January 13, 2012
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Google reconsideration requests are tricky to understand but it relates to a number of guidelines that you need to comply to.
If you are not in agreement you can always email the customer service team or webmasters at Google who will be able to run you through how to form a reconsideration request.
The first aspect is to ensure your site is up to speed and complies with all the webmaster rules. You may want to employ an SEO Company to tackle these issues in the first instance.
You also need to inform Google of any relevant changes when filing reconsideration. In addition, Google will be able to let you know if there are any viruses in your system or for some reason, you may have been hacked into online.
This may involve in certain cases where spammers have put viruses on your site. This also links to whether your search results are affected or the search traffic has been diminished. Again this might link to a spam issue.
Therefore it is essential you clean up your site and file a reconsideration request. It is imperative that you explain what type of spam issues you have been experiencing and what measures you have taken in order to resolve the issue.
There is no point in not saying anything as the issue might spiral and your site could be down for a number of days. If you know the exact violation that was caused then this will be even more helpful when processing a request.
This may include receiving misinformation from an SEO Company. They also have web spam experts on hand that will have the chance to look at your site and find out what is wrong. They will have access to all the latest data and when you filed the report as well as checking out your site to spot any other outstanding issues.
Once the problems have been revoked and resolved there involves if given the choice communication back from Google. This involves any resolutions after a request has been processed and successful.
In some cases Google will able to report if an outcome has been successful or if the problem is still within violation, they will be able to let you. Furthermore you can be informed if there was no spam threat in the first place.
You can have the chance to access a number of forums in order to solve your questions or queries as well as access to a lot more information. In most cases Google have improved their user feedback and ensures you will be able to clarify problems in a quicker way.

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