Google is All Set to Issue Another Panda Update

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  • On June 30, 2011
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A few short months ago Google changed the face of search engine results by issuing the Google Panda update (also referred to as the Google Farmer update). Now it has been revealed that another update is on the way, although it is by no means certain exactly when this is going to happen.
It is being referred to as Panda 2.2. The main aim of this new release is to make sure that the original source of any material that is then used on other websites will be the highest ranked of all the sites using that data.
The Google Panda update has caused many dramas, upsets and changes since it was first released:
1. Some sites have seen a drop off in organic traffic of as much as 80%
2. Websites such as, and have all experienced a vast drop in their rankings for specific keywords
3. Just under 12% of all websites were deemed by Google to have been affected by the Google Panda change
4. So called content farms were supposed to be hit hard by the original changes, but this has not always been the case
5. Some genuinely worthwhile websites saw a massive hit in traffic and an equally massive drop in earnings
It is perhaps not surprising that many site owners are nervous of the next round of changes to Google Panda. While the idea behind it may be good, it is definitely the case that some websites have been penalised by it and seen an unwarranted drop in traffic and earnings. It is also the case that spammers and websites that scrape content from other sites have sometimes escaped the clutches of the update.
Matt Cutts from Google stated in SMX Advanced Conference recently that “a change has been approved that should help with that issue (the scraper sites issue). We’re continuing to iterate on Panda.” He also went on to say that “If we think you’re relatively high quality, Panda will have a smaller impact. If you’re expert enough and no one else has the good content, even if you’ve been hit by Panda that page can still rank.
It means that it is even more important to create the highest quality sites and to count on the knowledge of your SEO Company in search engine optimisation to help you maximise your site’s position in the organic search results. Most webmasters know that ranking highly for each keyword they are targeting is one of the most important things to do. If you are unsure of how to do this and how to create your web content to rank as highly as possible, be sure to consult a professional agency such as Broadplace for more advice.

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