Google opened its url Shortener for everyone!

Its more than nine months since Google first introduced the Google Shortener  ( as part of Google Toolbar and Feedburner. Google has already integrated the Google URL Shortener technology in many of it’s products like News, Blogger, Maps, etc. Google has now opened the shortener for everyone. One can just go to the url and shorten the long url.
URL shortener is a very crowded space and there are many url shortener services already available. Many of us use services like Thus, why should anyone start using Google’s URL shortener. In the Blog Post;  Google mentions that the product is the stablest, most secure, and fastest URL shortener on the web.
To support the claim Google mentions on the Blog Post :
•    Stability: We’ve had near 100% uptime since our initial launch, and we’ve worked behind the scenes to make even stabler and more robust.
•    Security: We’ve added automatic spam detection based on the same type of filtering technology we use in Gmail.
•    Speed: We’ve more than doubled our speed in just over nine months.
I think the product is simple and has a one page easy report  (Provided you log in with your Google account). It shows a daywise graph, Referrer, Countries, Browsers and Platforms. This is just enough information to get insight into who clicked on the shotned url. I suppose that makes the product very simple and usable.
Check the Analytics Screen Shot at  Matt Cutts Blog

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