Google Display Network and Display Advertising in Google AdWords

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  • On June 21, 2010
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Google is making sure that they are adding enough tools and technologies to make Display Adverting a success. The latest blog introducing the Google Display Network covers the various initiatives, tools and technologies introduced by Google over last one year to add a great momentum to run display campaigns with Google.
Google AdWords has added new features, Targeting options as well as measurement tools to monitor the success of the content network. Google has been consolidating and adding more places for advertisers to run the display ads. Google could add more publisher sites though Google AdSense as well as DoubleClick Ad Exchange. Now the Google ad network has over one million sites. Google is rechristening the content network as Google Display Network
The Google Display Network will comprise all of the sites (apart from search sites), where you can buy ads through Google, including YouTube, Google properties such as Google Finance, Gmail, Google Maps, Blogger as well as over one million Web, video, gaming, and mobile display partners
The Google Display network will have all ad formats (text, Image, rich media, video ads) this will provide a good amount of flexibility as well as creative freedom to reach out to the intended audience in the way the audience wants to interact with the advertisers.
A good amount of reach coupled with varied formats of ads makes the Google Display Network good choice for the advertisers. Any PPC Company advising its client should experiment with Google Display Network. Don’t forget to use the Targeting options as well as the measurement tools too!!
In a few weeks time the AdWords interface would change to accommodate the new changes. In the interface you will notice a change from Content Network to display Network. Google has also launched a new website to provide further information.
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