Going over to Google’s House

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  • On September 25, 2013
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A couple of weeks ago myself and Dan Pillay, one of our talented Account Managers, joined the rest of the UK digital glitterati at Google HQ in Soho for the Q3 Product Kick-Off event.
The purpose of the event was to inform those present of the latest Google product updates and Betas for Search, Display, Reporting and Analysis, DS3, YouTube, Mobile and Google +.
The morning took a similar format to previous events, whereby you arrive around 8.30am for breakfast and tea/coffee (delicious by the way!) then the real meaty stuff starts at 9am.
Each section is extremely informative and gives you a glimpse into what you will be able to apply to client campaigns in the not too distant future.
As soon as the time is right, we will be reaching out to our clients to test out these new exciting features.
Watch this space…..
Written by Jim Houlden

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