Enjoy Better Video Rankings on YouTube

Everyone wants to get the best rankings they can on YouTube. But it isn’t as easy as it looks. Or is it? Let’s find out whether you could improve on your own rankings. It could be easier than you think.
Take a look at one of your YouTube videos. Is it the best it could be? You know the video is really good but you need to be sure you get people to find it so they can see how good it is. This means making sure you have a good strong title with appropriate keywords in it. You also need to make the most of your description. Leaving it blank won’t help your case, and it won’t help your video rank more highly either.
In fact one of the best things you can do is to transcribe your video or get someone else to do it for you. Just make sure it’s done professionally and without any errors if you get someone else to complete it.
Once you’ve done the best you can with the content, you have to make sure more and more people are able to see it. Don’t just sit back and hope thousands of people will search for it and watch it of their own accord. Give them a little push. Make sure you tweet it, stumble it, post it on Facebook and even link to it from your blog. It will be easier once you get followers because they’re more likely to watch everything you post. But until then (and even after that happens) make sure you have everything going for you. Promote your videos and start to get the ball rolling. Once you’ve done that you can see what feedback you get and respond to it accordingly.

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