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Hi there, I’m Broadplace’s resident merchant centre man, and with that kind of power comes a certain responsibility – the responsibility to write a merchant centre blog post every now and then. Here’s my latest instalment in the form of a little guide to the new dynamic remarketing.
Now, as I’m sure you’re all aware, remarketing (if used correctly) can be a powerful marketing tool to help increase your ROI by capturing “the ones that go away” or enticing existing customers back with tasty little offers. However, if you wanted to target specific products to specific audiences, creating ads for each individual product would have been quite time-consuming. This is where dynamic remarketing comes into play – you simply link your merchant centre to the campaign and the merchant centre will populate your ads with images prices and a short description of the product. Well done Google, you did good!
This is what they will look like:

That’s just a little overview on dynamic remarketing, but I know you want to know a little more about it and how to set up your very own dynamic remarketing campaign. Well you’re in luck – here is a little step by step guide on how to do just that!
Creating your campaign
Go to your Adwords account, click “new campaign” and select display network only. Once you’ve clicked “display network only” it’s time to name your campaign. I’d go for something along the lines of “Dynamic remarketing” but I wouldn’t want to stifle your creativity if you want to go with something a little more interesting.  Choose the campaign type “Display Network only – Remarketing”. This campaign type will let you take advantage of all the inbuilt optimisation tools which means less work for you! Once you’ve done this, click “set up dynamic remarketing”.
Woo-hoo, you’re done!
Well, almost…
After clicking “set up dynamic remarketing” you’ll be prompted to email yourself, or your webmaster, the remarketing code to be put on your site. This is important to do otherwise you’ll find that your remarketing doesn’t work. The code is like a Ferrari’s engine – yes, it still looks pretty without it, but it’s not a lot of good to you and it definitely won’t work!
Once you’ve emailed the code to either yourself or your webmaster click “continue” and Google will generate four remarketing lists for you.
Here is Google’s description of the lists:
General visitors – those who visited the website but didn’t peruse any specific products. The dynamic ad for this group includes the most popular products from your site.
Product viewers – those who looked at specific product pages on the website but didn’t add any products to their shopping basket. The dynamic ad for this group shows products that visitors looked at and also include other recommended products.
Shopping basket abandoners – those who threw things into the shopping basket but didn’t end up completing the purchase for whatever reason. The dynamic ad for this group prioritises the items added to the shopping basket and mixes other viewed and recommended products.
Past buyers – those who have bought things from you previously. The dynamic ad for this group shows related products by examining both popular items and things that are often bought together.
Now it’s time to set your bids and budget – obviously this is entirely up to you with regard to how much budget you would like to devote to remarketing.
Make sure that the “Enable dynamic remarketing” checkbox is selected and that product extensions are available in the drop-down menu, Choose the product extension that you want to link to the account and then select the extension ID that matches your Merchant Centre account. Now all you need to do is change your language and location settings and select “save & continue”.
You’re now ready to create your ad groups.
Create a new ad group that you can call “All Visitors”. Set an ad group bid, then Click the “>>” button next to these four remarketing lists to add them to your ad group:
General visitors
Product viewers
Shopping basket abandoners
Past buyers
The default membership duration for these lists is 30 days. Now click “save & continue”.
Now it’s time to create some shiny new interactive adverts. This doesn’t take long as Adwords does most of the work for you.
Go into your “all visitors” adgroup and click “new ad”, select “display ad builder” and click “dynamic”. This will bring up the templates for the dynamic remarketing ads – once you’ve selected your template and uploaded your logo you’re good to go (well, as soon as your remarketing lists get big enough – you only need a list size of 100 so this doesn’t take very long).
And there you have it – I hope this little guide was helpful. Stay tuned for more merchant man insights coming soon…
Written by Richard Heelas, Merchant Centre man

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