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Here at Broadplace we know that understanding your business is essential as it lays the foundation for your SEO campaign. We achieve this by defining your audience through a number of insights.

This allows us to understand search behaviour as well as seasonality. We use this to create a SEO strategy aligned with your business objectives. As a first class SEO agency we follow a step-by-step process to achieve this outcome.

Do you know what keywords your audience are looking? No need to worry as Broadplace will do this for you! An experienced team will break down your audience keyword by keyword to plan a strategy to boost visibility. These keywords are then allocated across all pages on your site through best practice content optimisation.

Search discovery from an SEO agency you can trust.

We understand that is normal practice for an SEO agency to work closely with the development team so we will manage this process to ensure this runs as smoothly as possible.

Of course SEO is not all about keyword placement. In order to build domain authority links are an integral part of the strategy. Links count as ‘votes’ in the eyes of Google and the more quality, authoritative links you have the better. Broadplace will do the hard work for you, building conversations with platforms relevant to your business to connect to your site. Find out more about link building in our comprehensive guide to Link Building.

First however, we need to first determine what links you currently have by carrying out a backlink analysis. This way we can benchmark your backlink catalogue before expanding on this through Content Promotion.

Cosmetically, your site might seem fine however Google has a multitude of guidelines to adhere to which will help your site’s visibility. In order to understand where your site is in reference to these guidelines Broadplace will carry out a technical audit which is essentially a ‘technical checklist’. All elements of your sites are reviewed in accordance with these guidelines and recommendations are provided to give you more visibility in the search space.

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