Comparing Campaign Performance over Time

Starting last month, Google introduced a new data comparison feature which is available across most metrics. This is great for advertisers who need to create efficient detailed reports comparing data across different time periods.
Once the “Compare Dates” setting is enabled you will see a small + sign appear next to many of the columns. By clicking this +, the columns will expand to show you:

untitled 1
So using clicks as an example here; click the +, this will expand the column to show you: this week’s clicks, last week’s clicks and the change in clicks followed by the change in %.
untitled 2
This functionality is very effective for account manages who need a quick way of comparing changes over different time periods and also being able to answer specific questions such as:
Which keywords have clicks increased for by 10% over the last 7 days?
Which campaigns saw conversions decrease by more than 5% over the last 14 days?
Another way to view this is by filtering the columns. For example, to see all keywords that has decreased in position by 10%:
untitled 3
untitled 4
This will display a list of keywords that have decreased in average position by more than 10%. Useful information which takes seconds to gather!
This can then be exported into an Excel spreadsheet which you can customise where you see fit if you are planning on uploading it to a report template.
Written by Lewis Barker

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