Click-to-Call Google Adwords Ads in UK

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  • On June 16, 2010
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click-to-call ads in UK
Its a good news for UK advertisers on Google Adwords. All those who have or want to try their Google adwords ads on Click to Call; earlier faced issue since they could add free phone numbers (e.g. starting with ‘0800). Or phone numbers with local area code (e.g. starting with ‘020’ for London). Google yesterday announced more phone numbers eligible for click-to-call ads in the UK
As per Google communication Google has made available more type of phone numbers eligible to appear in Google adwords ads. These numbers are those beginning with 0843, 0844, 0845 and 087).
With the increased number of users surfing on net and searching on net through their smart phones ; its imperative that people will need phone numbers in the ad itself. The click-to-call ads enable PPC advertisers to include a clickable phone number as an additional line in the text ads. These are shown to Google users when they search using a mobile phone with a full HTML browser (such as the iPhone, Android-powered devices or those running Palm OS).

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Click-to-call is useful to both the service provider as well as the prospective customer. Lets assume that someone is seeking an appointment with the hair dresser and when he searches for the hairdresser in a particular locality in Google search; the small little ad with the number appears. Its so convenient to just press on the number and have a call get through. I would definitely think that the feature will be used extensively in future and advertisers must try the feature atleast with a small budget at the earliest.
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