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  • An Introduction to Digital Marketing by CampaignHero

    Posted by Ally Whicher On July 18, 2019

      An Introduction Earlier this week, we introduced our app, 'CampaignHero', to Starling's Business Banking customers. CampaignHero aims to bridge the gap between the 'do it yourself approach' to full-on agency support. CampaignHero allows you to manage Microsoft, Facebook and Google Ads all from within your smartphone. What makes the…[…]

  • Broadplace attend Google Partners Executive Council EMEA

    Posted by Ally Whicher On July 2, 2019

    The invite What a treat it was to attend the Google Partners Executive Council EMEA on the 26th-28th of June, 2019! This was a highly exclusive invitation-only event for CEOs and Senior Executives representing the top Google Partners from around EMEA. Members of the Google Partners Executive Council represent a…[…]

  • 15 traits of a highly successful PPC Manager and how to develop them {Easily}

    Posted by Emily On May 2, 2019

    Why do some people prosper and others struggle in this industry? What is it about those people that makes them so successful in PPC Account Management? And is it something you can learn or practice to get better? We really believe you have what it takes already, and the traits…[…]

  • HOW TO: Get Your Content Marketing Right in 2019

    Posted by Emily On December 17, 2018

    As the new year approaches, now's the time to think about how you can improve your content marketing in 2019. If you've been guilty of putting content marketing on the back burner, or (possibly worse) making a half-hearted attempt at it when you get around to attempting it, this is…[…]

  • Bing Ads NEWS – 3rd Headline and 2nd Description in Text Ads

    Posted by Emily On November 23, 2018

    TL/DR? - you can import your longer ads from Google Ads to Bing Ads!   Bing has updated text ads to include a third headline and a second description in a move that will have Digital Account Managers everywhere rejoicing. Back in August, Google Ads did the same thing and…[…]

  • Holiday Shoppers Are Begging for Your Help This Christmas

    Posted by Emily On November 19, 2018

    ‘Help me find you — wherever I am, whenever I want’ That's what holiday shoppers are asking of retailers at this time of year. Shoppers are inundated with messaging and are looking for brands to cut through the noise and answer the questions they're asking. Questions such as "brands like"…[…]

  • What You Need To Know – New Google Seller Ratings By Country

    Posted by Emily On November 16, 2018

    You may be aware that back in September, Google announced to advertisers that from October, they would start counting and displaying seller ratings by country. There's been a bit of a delay, but it's now happening. What does that mean for you? Well, Seller Ratings are a means of building…[…]

  • 5 Digital Marketing Essentials for StartUps

    Posted by admin On September 25, 2018

    We've had experience in helping start-ups achieve growth at a sustainable rate. We want to look at what makes a successful digital marketing strategy for start-ups. Don't underestimate the power of digital marketing. It's one of your greatest tools in building your business from scratch and a direct route to…[…]

  • VIDEO: Google, Mercedes Benz Retail Group & Broadplace

    Posted by Emily On August 28, 2018

       We are extremely proud of our work with client Mercedes Benz Retail Group. And Google were pleased enough to document our working relationship with MBRG in a video. Featuring Broadplace's very own Ella Cicero, who heads up the MBRG account for us, Broadplace Managing Director Ajay Syal and…[…]

  • Google’s Ad Suggestions And How You Will Benefit

    Posted by Emily On July 2, 2018

    Google have rolled out a new ‘recommendations’ feature called Google Ad Suggestions. We asked Broadplace's Ella Cicero to break down what they are, how they work and how they could help your business... "Research has shown that ad groups with 3 or more high-quality ads can get up to 5%…[…]

  • Paid Search Tips To Improve ROI

    Posted by Jose Faria On April 25, 2018

    The goal of an eCommerce account is to improve ROI and this can be done via paid search campaigns. ROI is a vital part of any marketing campaign to push forward revenue for online businesses. Newsletter sign ups and phone calls are also useful, but it is important to never…[…]

  • Mobile Advertising Trends for 2018

    Posted by Jose Faria On March 5, 2018

    Mobile is becoming the platform for a variety of digital marketing strategies to reach your customer. To keep up with your competitors, it is important to utilise this channel to ensure you have covered all bases and are reaching your maximum target audience. Mobile advertising comes with many benefits, one…[…]

  • Google Adwords: Does my bidding strategy matter?

    Posted by Jose Faria On January 24, 2018

    Adwords offers several bid strategies that allow businesses to match to their online marketing goals in order to optimise their budget. Bidding plays a key role in ad rank and therefore the visibility of your ads to users, so it’s definitely an important factor to consider when setting up your…[…]

  • Search Advertising Importance in 2018

    Posted by Jose Faria On January 15, 2018

    Search advertising is a useful tool for any business. Placings ads on search engine result pages for a small fee every time a web surfer clicks on their ads can be very powerful. These pay per click campaigns show a lot about intent of potential buyers when searching for products…[…]

  • Optimise Your Paid Search Campaign

    Posted by Jose Faria On December 22, 2017

    Creating an effective paid search campaign does not need to be difficult. The benefits include generating leads, creating brand awareness and driving sales, so they can be a worthwhile investment. If you are currently running, or considering, a cost per click (CPC) advertising campaign, here are some top tips to…[…]

  • 3 ways to optimise your PPC campaign for mobile

    Posted by admin On December 4, 2017

    As more users around the world are accessing the internet from mobile devices than from desktop computers, now is the perfect time to ensure you are optimising your PPC campaign for mobile.According to research, over half of traffic to retail websites is now coming via smartphones and tablets and mobile…[…]

  • 5 practical tips to INSTANTLY boost your PPC conversion rate

    Posted by Clare Moorhouse On September 18, 2017

    As the digital world is getting more competitive and online attention-spans get shorter, conversions seem harder to achieve. But the good news is, there are definitely ways to increase conversion rates – almost instantly and without too much effort. By applying these five practical tips from our Google-Qualified experts, you’ll…[…]

  • The REAL reasons your Landing Page Forms aren’t working for you – and how to fix them!

    Posted by Clare Moorhouse On August 29, 2017

    A landing page contact form is possibly one of the most important aspects on the page that will help you convert leads, yet so many businesses fail at optimising them correctly. If you are driving plenty of traffic to your landing page, but you are not seeing enough conversions you…[…]

  • The Dos and Don’ts of Keyword Optimisation

    Posted by Clare Moorhouse On August 7, 2017

    Choosing which keywords to rank for is the foundation of any successful PPC and SEO campaign. So whether you’re embarking on a Google Adwords campaign, or you simply want to ensure your website is visible in the organic search results for keywords related to your business, keyword research is one…[…]

  • How Can Reviews Help Drive Revenue?

    Posted by admin On June 26, 2017

    When people look for your brand.. what do they find? Trustpilot company profiles appear in ~0.15% of all Google search results. Rank highly and stand out in organic search, highlighting your reputation to potential customers. So How Does that Translate into Revenue? 77% of UK consumers use online reviews to…[…]

  • A Day In The Life Of A Broadplace Apprentice

    Posted by Tom A On May 5, 2017

    How I became an Apprentice At college the nearest thing to digital I had was Photography, which was only one of my four A-levels, yet I spent most of my free periods and time outside of college on my photography work simply because I enjoyed it. I struggled with the looming…[…]

  • How To Set Up Ad Schedules on AdWords

    Posted by Michal W On January 27, 2017

    Ad scheduling is important. You may think that distributing your ads evenly across the week would be more of a catch-all approach. And it may be the case that ad scheduling isn't necessarily relevant for your sector. But if you have a pretty good idea of when your customers are…[…]

  • How To Make The Most of Extended Text Ads

    Posted by dantheman On November 28, 2016

    Extended Text ads provide an increase of 50% more ad space, as well as a bunch of other exciting features, as we mentioned when they were first released (read more here). Google will be swapping to this format on 31st January 2017, so you don't have too much time to make…[…]

  • “How-To” E-Books For Key Industries This Christmas

    Posted by Emily On November 17, 2016

    Christmas is approaching fast, but it's not too late to make the most of the opportunities this time of year. It's just a case of identifying them and acting fast. That's why Broadplace has put together a Free Ebook Christmas Marketing for you. Whether you're a retailer in Toys & Games,…[…]

  • Why You Shouldn’t Pause Campaigns Over Christmas

    Posted by Sergio B On November 11, 2016

    Are you thinking it's better to Pause Ad Campaigns at Christmas? It's tempting to wind down for the Christmas period. The office Christmas party, more lunchtime drinks - it all makes us feel like we should be putting everything on pause. We get it. But while pausing your ad campaigns might…[…]

  • Bing Expanded Text Ads Rolling Out

    Posted by Michal W On September 1, 2016

    Somewhat predictably, Bing Expanded Text Ads (ETAs) have been launched in Beta - following on from the recent launch of Google AdWords' Expanded Text Ads. The Bing ETA pilot opened towards the end of August, with their intention to do so being announced back in June. As we detailed in…[…]

  • Everything You Need To Know About Expanded Text Ads

    Posted by admin On August 2, 2016

    As you may be aware, Google removed right hand ads earlier this year. This has freed up space on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP), so Google has now introduced expanded text ads. It's a big deal because this shift to a more mobile-friendly experience is the biggest update for AdWords…[…]

  • Challenges & Opportunities for the Legal Sector 2016

    Posted by Sergio B On July 26, 2016

    Despite more than 30% of companies increasing marketing staff and marketing budgets since 2014, digital budgets remain a small proportion of marketing spend for many law firms. Using a report from Econsultancy and The Lawyer, as well as our own experience with our clients in the law sector, we have…[…]

  • Google Vs. Bing Ads – Which Should You Use?

    Posted by akash On June 8, 2016

    In this article: Google vs Bing stats and facts, real-life case study and handy infographic for business owners/advertisers. Whilst we are a Google Premier Partner, we believe in being impartial and delivering bespoke services to our clients. That involves looking at a number of different avenues for getting their products/services…[…]

  • New Data Shows State of AdSpend [Infographic]

    Posted by Emily On April 21, 2016

    The data for UK Digital AdSpend for 2015 has been released by the Internet Advertising Bureau (of which Broadplace is the only Google Premier Partner to be a member). We were interested to see the rise in internet-enabled devices in the average family home. We've combined the IAB findings with…[…]

  • Exclusive Data: Right Hand Ads SERP Effect

    Posted by dantheman On April 12, 2016

    A while back we announced the fact that Google was removing right hand ads:    Many were concerned that this could have a negative impact on SMEs using AdWords to promote their business on Search Engines Results Pages (SERPs). We took a look at that too:   Following on from…[…]

  • Google Removing Right Hand Ads – True Impact on SMEs

    Posted by dantheman On April 12, 2016

    As our customers will know (because we've emailed them about it!), Google recently rolled out a new format for the search engine results page - removing right hand ads from results pages. You can read more about that here. Here at Broadplace, we've been interested to see the impact of these…[…]

  • Google Removes Right-Hand Ads

    Posted by Anjay R On February 22, 2016

    So Google has officially pulled the plug on right-hand ads (also known as sidebar ads). They've been testing this for quite some time, but now it's actually happening across the world. The cut-off day was Friday 19th February. As of now, Google will only be showing ads at the top…[…]

  • How To Set Up Smart Goals

    Posted by akash On January 25, 2016

      Measuring the success of your AdWords campaigns is often done through AdWords Conversion tracking or importing through Google Analytics E-commerce transaction.   There can be times when small & medium sizes businesses are not able to track conversions & see the impact of their campaigns.   This is where…[…]

  • What Can Customer Match Do For You?

    Posted by Ella C On November 18, 2015

    What is Customer Match?   "It is the ability to target ads based upon email addresses" Want to reach your email database without sending a blanket sales email? Using customer match allows you to show specific ads to customers logged in with their email address to Google, Google+, YouTube or…[…]

  • Why You Should Regularly Visit Clients

    Posted by akash On November 16, 2015

    On a weekly or monthly basis, Broadplace Account Managers will travel North, East, South or West to visit our clients face to face. You name the place, we've most likely been there to see our clients. It's an extra service that we truly believe develops more personal working relationships.  …[…]

  • How To Get Customer Ratings On Ads For Free

    Posted by Jong-Tack On October 20, 2015

    Two years ago, we highlighted the benefits of the Seller Rating Extensions.   In a nutshell, a seller rating is a star rating that can be displayed with one of your AdWords ads. Google pulls ratings and reviews of your business from third party review sites and averages them to…[…]

  • Online Retail Ads – When to Save And When To Spend This Christmas

    Posted by Emily On October 14, 2015

      We have been putting together a useful and practical gift for online retailers this Festive Season, whether you're one of our customers or not. The key Retail Christmas Dates will help you to work out when you need to up your advertising spend and when to cut back to get…[…]

  • 3 Competitor Analysis Tips To Get Ahead For Christmas

    Posted by dantheman On October 12, 2015

      Don’t focus on what the competition are doing, use it to add FOCUS what you are doing.   "Your ability to learn faster than your competition is your only sustainable competitive advantage". (Arie De Gues) Market Research is a powerful tool, however, informed research can be an expensive investment,…[…]

  • How Structured Snippet Extensions Could Help You

    Posted by Freddie R On October 2, 2015

    Google recently rolled out a new extension for Adwords – Dynamic Structured Snippets. Brilliant, but what are they? And how do they help advertisers? Well straight off the bat it offers Adwords advertisers the opportunity to show the consumer more information about their products or services and make ads more…[…]

  • Become a Well Organised Google Account Manager

    Posted by admin On August 3, 2015

    I have been managing Google AdWords accounts for a while now. Previously, I was lucky (unlucky?) enough to look after between 2 and 4 accounts at a time.   So, I had plenty of time to set up, review, optimise and report for each of the accounts. On the one hand it was…[…]

  • Bidding Strategies: Target ROAS

    Posted by akash On July 13, 2015

    Google always have fantastic bidding strategies to make PPC account managers' lives a little easier. One of the many bidding strategies they currently have is Target Return On Ad Spend. This attempts to get as much revenue by adjusting bids automatically in real time to work to achieve your target return…[…]

  • A Simple Guide to Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising (Part 1)

    Posted by changerz On March 9, 2015

    [vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Part 2 of PPC Guide Part 3 of PPC Guide What is pay per click advertising? Should I do pay per click advertising? How do I go about doing it? How do I know it works? If you've asked yourself (or Google) any of these questions, we are going to…[…]

  • 4 Google Analytics Tools That Are Criminally Underused

    Posted by changerz On February 11, 2015

    1. Top Conversion Paths (Conversion > Multi-Channel Funnels > Top Conversion Paths)                       There is a substantial amount of data that you can get from this Top Conversion Paths. Some of the most obvious uses of it is to see…[…]

  • Building a Digital Brand Through PPC

    Posted by admin On November 13, 2014


  • 10 Things only a PPC Account Manager Would Understand

    Posted by admin On November 6, 2014

      That feeling when clients say “why do we need a brand campaign?” Image source:   When you see a new account where you can make a lot of changes Image source:   When you call Google and you’re put on hold with their music. Image source:…[…]

  • 5 Ways to Ruin Your PPC Account

    Posted by admin On September 5, 2014

    A PPC account shouldn’t be a fragile thing, of course the ups and downs are inevitable, but overall the account should predominantly be stable. However, follow this list and you will lose all semblance of structure and the entire account will crumble before you. 1. No Changes The PPC market…[…]

  • Why you Need Brand Campaigns

    Posted by stanway On September 1, 2014

    The question of why we need a brand campaign is asked quite often. It’s not always easy to explain, but once it’s implemented the outcome more than proves its benefits. Who should use Brand Campaigns? Companies with generic URLs/Company names With a generic URL or company name, if you have…[…]

  • Keyword Implementation Checklist

    Posted by admin On August 22, 2014

    There are a great deal of fantastic resources to use when researching keywords. This is not going to be one of them; I’m more concerned with the process of deciding which keywords to test once we have acquired keywords using these tools. Research ☐ Audience in the targeted location uses…[…]

  • PPC Ad Copy

    Posted by admin On August 7, 2014

    We all know that ad copy is important, and there are hundreds on articles available online that tell us how to make ad copy relevant and how to make Google love our ads. Yes, it’s important that Google approves, but isn’t it just as important that the audience is attracted…[…]

  • 5 Things I’ve learned in my First Month as a PPC Account Manager

    Posted by admin On July 3, 2014

      If I had to choose the one thing that I like the most about this job, it would have to be that there are so many ways to do everything; the versatility and resources that we as PPC account managers have at our disposal is immense. Along with the…[…]

  • A Mobile User Journey

    Posted by dom On April 24, 2014

      Written by Dominic Hart[…]

  • Google Has Fun On April Fools’ Day (New AdBirds Feature)

    Posted by admin On April 1, 2014

    As I’m sure you're all aware, Google enjoys a good April Fools’ day prank, and 2014 is no exception. I logged into My Client Center this morning to start my day’s work and saw a notification for Google’s new feature, “Google AdBirds”. Being the curious person I am, I clicked…[…]

  • Chromecast Adwords Advertising

    Posted by admin On July 29, 2013

    Yesterday (24th July 2013) Google announced a few updates to both its hardware and software portfolios. Each of these updates have obvious consumer facing benefits, but the strategic implications for advertisers and marketeers is also an important consideration. What should advertisers & marketeers be thinking about when looking at these…[…]

  • PPC Campaign Performance – Post Enhanced Campaign Switchover

    Posted by admin On May 22, 2013

    When news trickled through a couple of months ago about the proposed changeover from Google’s Legacy campaigns to their successor Enhanced Campaigns, similar to many other PPC account managers I was unsure about the future of the PPC landscape and the effects it would have on smaller, low-budget or low…[…]

  • Event Tracking Horizon

    Posted by admin On April 29, 2013

    Making decisions relating to PPC is all about seeing things clearly. As an account manager you can optimize an account as much as you want but your decisions will only be as informed as the data you are working with.   Experienced account managers will know that 1 in 5…[…]

  • Help – My CPA Is Too High!

    Posted by admin On April 23, 2013

    From time to time I have to work with a client whose primary focus is achieving a specific CPA, and it requires a completely different approach to any other objective that you can be set. Here are some things that I look at when aiming for a required CPA. Firstly…[…]

  • What to focus on with your pay per click campaign this year

    Posted by admin On February 4, 2013

    Over the New Year, there are several things you need to be testing with your Google Display Campaigns. Many people will be more inclined to focus on the Search Network than to put too much time into their display campaigns. However, it’s still important to be checking their performance. Firstly,…[…]

  • Broadplace Attracts New Business at the South East Business Show

    Posted by admin On May 29, 2012

    On Friday 18th May, there was a great event held at the Millennium Conference Centre in Effingham Park, Gatwick. It was there that hundreds of businesspeople from across several sectors met to socialise, trade and network at the South East Business Show 2012. Every year, this is held to promote…[…]

  • The Best Way To Present PPC Results To A Client

    Posted by admin On March 9, 2012

    Discover the most effective form of feedback to your clients and the importance of storytelling in pay per click (or PPC) marketing as opposed to just using statistics and graphs to demonstrate results with this website. PPC marketing  is a model of marketing that directs online traffic towards websites, and…[…]

  • Impression Share And What It Means To You

    Posted by admin On February 14, 2012

    What is Impression Share? One question I get asked a lot by my clients is: What is the overall number of all searches made on my keywords, and how many of those searches am I appearing for? Up until recently there was no quick and easy way of answering this…[…]

  • Bid-Per-Call: A New And More Efficient Way To Track Your Returns

    Posted by admin On February 13, 2012

    Millions of people surf the internet every day, and whether that be for research while at work or for fun when at home, the chances of an advert catching your eye are extremely high no matter where you are. Google is a well-known and well utilised medium when it comes…[…]

  • Google launches Product Listing Adverts

    Posted by admin On November 28, 2011

    For many businesses getting noticed on the Internet can be hard. But schemes such as Google Adwords have made things a little easier for businesses.  And this month Google launched product listing Ads in the UK adding images and simple product details helping businesses attract more customers. With the aim…[…]

  • Why Do You Need to Know How Customers Search Online?

    Posted by admin On August 11, 2011

    We all go online and search for goods and services from time to time. Some of us do it every day. If you happen to own a business it pays to know more than this. A research conducted by comScore tried to search answers to certain questions, read on to…[…]

  • Bing Experiments With Showing Adverts in the Organic Search Results

    Posted by admin On July 29, 2011

    When it comes to search engine results, there has typically been a clear distinction between the organic search results and the paid search results. The former is decided through various factors, while the latter is provided by companies wishing to use pay per click to get more visitors to their…[…]

  • Google Runs Experiment Showing Click Counts for Pay Per Click Adverts

    Posted by admin On June 27, 2011

    If you have been searching for things using the Google search engine recently, you may have spotted a slight change in some of the paid ads that have been displayed. It has been noticed that some of the adverts have a small line of text underneath them, stating how many…[…]

  • Companies Increasing Their Online Advertising Budget

    Posted by admin On May 19, 2011

    The annual benchmark study released by EConsultancy has just been issued for 2011 and it makes for very interesting reading. It reveals that many companies are planning to increase their spending on various forms of online advertising. As per the study, 44% of people surveyed for the report stated that…[…]

  • Bing Easy Shopping Search is Good News for PPC Advertisers

    Posted by admin On May 12, 2011

    Many advertisers looking to spend PPC budgets focus solely on Google to get the results they need. But if this includes you, you’re missing out on the opportunities presented by Bing shopping search. This search facility has been around for almost two years now. But Bing has recently released some…[…]

  • More Site Traffic and Focused Visitors With PPC

    Posted by Broadplace On March 28, 2011

    Some webmasters undoubtedly dismiss the thought of using pay per click as a method of getting more visitors to their website. They appear to think that it is possible to use other free methods of getting the right people to their website. While this is true, there is no doubt…[…]

  • Does Pay Per Click Work For Affiliate Income?

    Posted by Broadplace On March 22, 2011

    If you are aware of what affiliate marketing is, you will know that it is a good way to earn money without having to stock any products of your own. You earn from recommending and selling products owned by other people, and you will receive a slice of the income…[…]

  • Pay Per Click for Better Quality Leads

    Posted by Broadplace On February 3, 2011

    Does Pay Per Click Offer Better Quality Leads? The answer, put simply enough, is that it can do. It all depends on how you word your advert and who you are aiming it at. One of the best examples you will see regarding this situation concerns credit cards. If you…[…]

  • Do You Spend Enough on Online Marketing?

    Posted by Broadplace On February 1, 2011

    According to the British Retail Consortium, lots of people are turning to the internet to buy things nowadays. This is good news for businesses that have an online presence. But it is important to recognise that online businesses should not just sit back and wait for people to turn up.…[…]

  • New Version of the AdWords Home Tab

    Posted by Broadplace On February 1, 2011

    Get ready to log in to your AdWords account and check the new and improved version of Home Tab of Adwords.  The latest blog post from Google covers the new improvement. Google always listens to what and how advertisers want their interface so that they can manage every bit of…[…]

  • Online AdWords Course How to Advertise on YouTube

    Posted by Broadplace On February 1, 2011

    Google had extended its AdWords spread on YouTube sometime back. If you want to enhance your online presence to draw relevant traffic to your website then advertising on YouTube can also be a good option. YouTube can help you accomplish both by giving you access to the world's largest online…[…]

  • Google Adwords and the Art of Great ROI

    Posted by Broadplace On January 27, 2011

    Does Google Adwords Campaign give a great ROI? This is a question that most newbies to the system ask before they begin – and in some cases after they have sunk some money into it already. But while the truthful answer is a definite ‘yes’, it can be difficult to…[…]

  • How to Get Quick and Great Results from Your Pay Per Click Marketing

    Posted by Broadplace On January 27, 2011

    Many newcomers to the world of pay per click marketing have lots of questions about how it works and what they can expect from it. But since pay per click marketing relies on investing money into it, it is reasonable enough to ask whether it will bring instant results? Here…[…]

  • What if Pay Per Click Isn’t Working For You?

    Posted by Broadplace On January 14, 2011

    This is probably the kind of situation that most people who are involved with PPC come up against at one time or another. It is more common in the early stages though, especially if you are figuring things out for yourself and you want to take your own route to…[…]

  • Could You Handle A PPC Campaign On Your Own?

    Posted by Broadplace On January 12, 2011

    Pay per click is often stated as being one of the best ways you can get new traffic to your website – qualified traffic at that. But while this may be the case, it isn’t as easy to run a successful campaign as some people think. Many business owners take…[…]

  • AdWord’s Integrated Display Ad Builder

    Posted by Broadplace On December 27, 2010

    Google launched display ads to its Google AdWords advertising format in 2008 which helped many businesses explore the potential of display ads. The display ad builder tool is free and lets advertisers customize their display ads. Google has constantly updated and made changes in its display ad builder; below are…[…]

  • AdWords Editor 8.5 New Release for Windows and Mac

    Posted by Broadplace On November 7, 2010

    Good news for Google AdWords Users! A new version of AdWords Editor is released. The version 8.5 is for Windows and Mac. The new release support many of the new features available in the web interface of the Google AdWords. Among other additions, version 8.5 includes new tabs for managing…[…]

  • Quality Score Dropped Around Last Week of October

    Posted by Broadplace On October 29, 2010

    For all those who were really worried about the drop of quality score and increase in Fist Page Bid; have a sigh of relief. It was more of a Google glitch as per the blog post It says that many accounts experienced the drop quality score for high performing keywords…[…]

  • Adwords Introduces New Features in Search Funnels

    Posted by Broadplace On October 26, 2010

    We have been using “Search Funnel” effectively and it has proved very good tool to analyse the data. Google in its blog post mentioned that they have received very optimistic feedback from advertisers making use of Search Funnels—the new set of reviews released in Conversions. Advertisers are starting to understand…[…]

  • Bid Simulator has Estimated Top Impressions now!

    Posted by Broadplace On October 5, 2010

    Since its launch of Bid Simulator PPC Consultants got a feature that allowed the impact of keyword level bids on advertising impact. We all loved it and now Google announced that  “Estimated Top Impressions’ is now available in “Bid Simulator” . Using data from the past seven days, the bid…[…]

  • Updated Keyword Tool Comes out of Beta

    Posted by Broadplace On September 25, 2010

    Google had announced Beta Version of Updated Keyword tool last year. Yesterday Google Announced that the Updated Keyword tool out of beta. With this new update Google has combined its previous tools (Keyword Tool and Search-based Keyword Tool) into one Updated Keyword Tool. I am sure many of you have…[…]

  • PPC Cost Management 5 Tricks

    Posted by Broadplace On September 24, 2010

    PPC Cost management is one of the prime concerns of any Pay Per Click Expert. How do I have a control over cost and at the same time make sure that the campaign doesn’t throttle the effectiveness of the converting keywords. I am quite sure all of you must be…[…]

  • PPC Consultant 5 Must Haves

    Posted by Broadplace On September 16, 2010

    Usage of Pay Per Click Adverting is on a rise and that has thrown lots of opportunities for all those who aspire to be one of the best PPC Consultant. There are many notions regarding what makes a good PPC consultant and one amongst them is “I know Google Adwords…[…]

  • PPC Optimisation Tips – Part 2

    Posted by Broadplace On September 15, 2010

    PPC Optimisation Tips Part 2 is sequel to the previous post “PPC Optimisation Tips” . There are some queries as well as suggestions thus I thought of adding a few more tips in this post PPC Optimisation Tips to reduce Cost Per Click 1.    Check the landing page relevance. Make…[…]

  • PPC Optimisation Tips

    Posted by Broadplace On September 15, 2010

    PPC Optimisation Tips covers some of the quick tips here. The PPC Optimisation is a vast subject and it takes a lots of training / experimentation as well as experience to get to a good PPC Optimisation expert. I though we can just list a few quick help tips in…[…]

  • Adwords Editor Download

    Posted by Broadplace On September 15, 2010

    Adwords Editor Download is available at Google Adwords Site here The Latest release for Google Adwords Editor is version 8.0.1 for Windows and Mac. Google Adwords editor is Free,  downloadable desktop application. It helps manage Google Adwords campaigns. It is very easy to manage large Adwords accounts. With AdWords Editor,…[…]

  • New version of Adwords Editor Available Now

    Posted by Broadplace On September 15, 2010

    New Version of Google Adwords Editor is available now. Google Adwords Editor has released new version (8.0.1) for Windows and Mac. Adwords Editor has been such a wonderful tool to manage the Adwords campaigns. With so many new changes on the Adwords taking place in last few months; we were…[…]

  • Google Instant is Live

    Posted by Broadplace On September 8, 2010

    Google instant is live. Check it here . We had mentioned about this some days back on this blog.  At that time Google was mentioning is as  Streaming. Check "Google Turn on Streaming" Google Instant is rolling out over several days to users signed in to a Google Account. s…[…]

  • Google Display Network and Display Advertising in Google AdWords

    Posted by Broadplace On June 21, 2010

    Google is making sure that they are adding enough tools and technologies to make Display Adverting a success. The latest blog introducing the Google Display Network covers the various initiatives, tools and technologies introduced by Google over last one year to add a great momentum to run display campaigns with…[…]

  • Click-to-Call Google Adwords Ads in UK

    Posted by Broadplace On June 16, 2010

    click-to-call ads in UK Its a good news for UK advertisers on Google Adwords. All those who have or want to try their Google adwords ads on Click to Call; earlier faced issue since they could add free phone numbers (e.g. starting with '0800). Or phone numbers with local area…[…]

  • Adwords Campaign Competition Analysis

    Posted by Broadplace On June 12, 2010

    All Adwords Consultants / advertisers always thought how good it will be know how the competition doing; and Google seems to have heard that. Google in its post; AdWords brings you insight about the competitive landscape has unveiled a tool to analyse competition. AdWords Consultant can manage various parameters like…[…]

  • Adwords Campaign Experiments is Split Testing tool for Google Adwords Campaigns

    Posted by Broadplace On June 9, 2010

    Google has announced "Adwords Campaign Experiments (ACE)" in its latest blog AdWords Campaign Experiments Beta: Split testing tool for your campaigns Till now PPC Specialist would do a simple pre and post analysis of the changes made for Keywords, bids , adgroups and placements. But this will often be approximate…[…]

  • Google Suggest Provides Spelling Correction in Search

    Posted by Broadplace On June 8, 2010

    When "Google Suggest" was launched all of us were aided well to reach to the relevant query much faster. Now Google suggest has been almost part of our search journey. Many times when we spelled the query wrongly we thought how good it would have been if  Google had understood…[…]

  • Search Engine Marketing Basics

    Posted by prasad On June 7, 2010

    There was a time when all you had to do to open your own successful business was to come up with a good idea for a product or service, find the supplies and space you needed to operate, and hang out your shingle. Because competition in cities and towns used…[…]

  • PPC Management and How to Use Pay Per Click Advertising Effectively

    Posted by prasad On June 6, 2010

    It takes a lot of courage to start a business, and if you’ve recently decided to go into business for yourself, you probably arrived at this conclusion based on the strength of your idea for a product or service. The only problem is that in these days of high speed…[…]

  • PPC Campaign for Successful Online Marketing

    Posted by prasad On June 6, 2010

    Did it take you months of painstaking design and brainstorming to create a website that appropriately communicates the mission and purpose of your company? After all that work, you probably hit the “launch” button on the day that your site was revealed to the world with the full expectation that…[…]

  • PPC Campaign Improvement Tips

    Posted by prasad On June 5, 2010

    Yahoo Blog is putting up some of their good blog posts again. In March 2009 there was a good blog post: 5 things you should tidy up to improve account performance YSM Blog post talked about 5 suggestions to keep the PPC Campaign clean and tidy. The suggestions are as…[…]

  • Google Adwords Launches New Billing Tab Control

    Posted by prasad On June 4, 2010

    This is surely an exciting time for Adwords with Google releasing many features on its Google Adwords Interface. In the recent blog post Beta Testing News: Try the new Billing tab to get more control and flexibility The new interface is being released in U.S. Advertisers and Google will invite…[…]

  • Google Adwords – The Importance of Good Marketing Techniques

    Posted by prasad On June 2, 2010

    These days, every business expert worth their salt is talking about how important online advertising and marketing is for the success for a company, no matter what the industry. Smaller businesses are scrambling to launch websites and establish presence on social media marketing outlets, while larger corporations are seeking ways…[…]

  • Filter to Allow Content Network Ads on Top 1000 Sites

    Posted by prasad On May 27, 2010

    Google has been continuously improving the features and solutions on the Google Content Network. The latest release (New tool for brand advertisers on the Google Content Network ( Some of the changes that we have seen over last year are Frequency Capping : ( Frequency capping limits the number of…[…]

  • AdWords Negative Keywords: Myths & Facts Cleared

    Posted by prasad On May 26, 2010

    This Blog Post is specially for those who are new to AdWords, but at the same time can also come handy for the experienced ones as well. The facts in this document are derived directly from Google AdWords Dedicated Team. So it is 100% true and verifiable. The facts below…[…]

  • Adwords Improves View-Through Conversion Reporting

    Posted by stanway On May 25, 2010

    Google's adwords blog regarding "Improvements to view-through conversion reporting for display campaigns"  covers what all of us were waiting for to measure more effectively the ROI of the display adword campaigns on Google content network. Google had launched view through conversion reporting last year. The new improvement is next step…[…]

  • Various Google Ad Formats

    Posted by prasad On May 23, 2010

    It’s a short and sweet window from Google regarding the way ads in search have changed from Google over last 10 years. Check Video on Various Ad formats from Google All of us know that the pop up ads were, are and will always be painful for the web visitors…[…]

  • Google Introduces New Ad extensions in Adwords

    Posted by prasad On May 23, 2010

    Google has been introducing new ad extensions in Adwords. As per the blog post Manage and Track your extensions with the new Ad Extensions tab the new extensions will help advertisers reach out to the relevant people searching relevant information very effectively. Ad extensions help make the ad more relevant.…[…]

  • Google AdWords New Broad Match Modifier

    Posted by stanway On May 12, 2010

    Before the days of Extended Broad Match, there was more control over the keyword variations that you could appear for. Now with Extended Broad Match you have the potential to receive a much larger volume of traffic but should be used with caution as it can lead to a lot…[…]

  • PPC Campaigns – Getting Started

    Posted by dom On May 7, 2010

    A pay-per-click (PPC) campaign is an affordable and effective online advertising method that can prove especially useful for small and new business.  However, like any form of advertising, a PPC campaign only works well when serious thought goes into its implementation.  The PPC campaigns that work best are those that…[…]

  • PPC – Pay-Per-Click Advertising Basics

    Posted by dom On May 7, 2010

    If you’ve surfed the internet for any length of time, chances are that you’ve seen your fair share of internet advertisements. They might take the form of a banner ad at the top of a page, or an ad in the sidebar of a page. Sometimes you can even find…[…]

  • PPC – Pay Per Click vs. Search Engine Optimization

    Posted by dom On May 7, 2010

    Search engine optimisation is a hot topic among those who are trying to do internet marketing, and PPC, or pay per click, is near or at the top of the list for services.  The pay per click industry has been around for some time now, but SEO, or search engine…[…]

  • Search Engine Marketing Basics & History

    Posted by prasad On April 14, 2010

    SEM, or search engine marketing, is the process of promoting websites to get them noticed by search engines through a variety of methods.  Some of the techniques used in search engine marketing include paid advertisements, search engine optimization, paid inclusion, pay per click advertising, and more.  Using the term “search…[…]

  • Pay Per Click (PPC) Tips and Tricks

    Posted by prasad On April 12, 2010

    If you need website traffic, and you need it today, then pay per click, or PPC, might be a good option for you to look into.  PPC is a great method of getting traffic to your website, and here we will review several techniques on how to get the best…[…]

  • What Makes Good PPC (Pay Per Click) Campaigns?

    Posted by prasad On April 12, 2010

    Using pay per click campaigns, or PPC Campaigns, is a great way to get better search engine results.  Essentially, there are 5 basic things you need to do in order to get the most out of pay per click advertising. Use keyword tools to analyze its effectiveness.  Share the keyword…[…]

  • Pay Per Click 101

    Posted by prasad On April 12, 2010

    Pay per click advertising, or PPC, is a form of advertising used online with which advertisers only pay when it is clicked.   It is used with advertising networks, search engines, and content sites.  This is a great method for advertisers so they know they are getting people to their landing…[…]

  • PPC vs. SEO: The Pros and Cons of Each

    Posted by prasad On April 12, 2010

    The PPC vs. SEO battle continues.  Which is better? Which is more cost effective?  How about easier?  Which has better results in timing?  Each person has their own opinion on which works better overall, and why.  Perhaps each business type has different needs, so the results of which is better…[…]

  • How to Run PPC Campaigns?

    Posted by prasad On April 10, 2010

    If you have made the choice to go ahead and check out this pay per click thing, you are making a smart move.  Being highly affordable for small businesses, PPC is a great choice.  However, although it is highly affordable, it can get expensive if done incorrectly.  Here we’ll go…[…]

  • Google Adwords – Marketing Using Google Adwords

    Posted by prasad On April 10, 2010

    There is a lot of buzz and hype out there about Google Adwords and Adsense programs.  It is for a very good reason, too!  There are a lot of people getting people onto their website effectively using this program, but getting the program to work effectively for you is a…[…]

  • Google launches New Content Tool Aimed At Brand Advertisers

    Posted by prasad On March 16, 2010

    Google launches New Content Tool Aimed At Brand Advertisers The content network on Google covers 80% of the internet users. Brand advertisers are one of the two types of advertisers on the network. Their focus is more on cost per impression instead of cost per click as their goal is…[…]

  • PPC Management Services : Pay-Per-Click Services For Starters

    Posted by prasad On March 15, 2010

    Probably the most cost-effective mode of internet advertising and marketing, pay-per-click includes major players such as Google, Yahoo and MSN in its game. Pay-per-click programs allow advertisers to bid on keywords that are searched on the search engines by internet users. These keywords will trigger the ads on the search…[…]

  • PPC Management Services – Quick, Effective and Efficient

    Posted by prasad On March 15, 2010

    With the global economy placed precariously advertisers are increasingly looking for cheaper, effective and profitable advertising mediums. The growth of Internet has become the reason for the emergence of some of the most innovative methods of advertising and business promotion. This has also altered the path of advertising inclination from…[…]

  • Google Adds Bid Ideas in Opportunities Tab of Adwords

    Posted by prasad On February 14, 2010

    Google Adwords interface has been effectively providing Keywords and Budget ideas from “Opportunity” tab for last few months. This immnesly helped the PPC Consulting company like Broadplace (As you are already aware of). This benefit was passed on to our customers and we could see good ROI from PPC budget…[…]

  • Click-to-Call Phone Numbers in Local Ads on Mobile Devices

    Posted by prasad On February 6, 2010

    Mobile as a device to search is rapidly gaining popularity. The search obsession when we are in front of computer is naturally getting extended to when we are not in front of the computer. (Though for some it may mean that being away from Computer by a few meters too!!!…[…]

  • The Basics Behind Adwords New Interface

    Posted by admin On October 15, 2009

    Adwords has been growing like a weed since it was first introduced to the Internet community and it has been one of the most popular programs with advertisers ever since. It is one of the many bits and pieces of Google that is consistently reinventing itself and recently a new…[…]

  • Have You Reviewed Your Conversion Funnel Lately?

    Posted by admin On October 15, 2009

    There is nothing more frustrating than running a pay per click campaign only to suddenly have your conversion rates that were so good start to sink to the depths of so bad, especially when you have no idea what, exactly, is causing it. If you suddenly notice that your PPC…[…]

  • Keep An Eye On URL Tagging And Tracking In Your PPC Campaign

    Posted by admin On October 15, 2009

    If you are using URL tagging and tracking to see how well your PPC campaign is doing you could discover that your reports are not really reflecting how well you campaign is actually doing. Because businesses use different systems to track and monitor their campaigns, they could easily run into…[…]

  • Twitter Has Taken Internet Marketing To A New Level

    Posted by admin On October 15, 2009

    More and more companies are looking for ways to market their products and services on the internet. Social media and networking sites are growing in popularity and so are the advertisements that are found on them. Twitter, one of the most popular social networking sites, has become the new media…[…]

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