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  • Bing Champion: My Journey

    Posted by Erin Hobson On June 10, 2019

    What is Bing? Bing was introduced on the 28th May 2009  and was released 1st June in the same year. Microsoft owns Bing, which is a web search engine. It provides Pay-Per-Click advertising. The advertising platform has provided us with many varieties of search services such as: maps, web, video…[…]

  • Bing Ads NEWS – 3rd Headline and 2nd Description in Text Ads

    Posted by Emily On November 23, 2018

    TL/DR? - you can import your longer ads from Google Ads to Bing Ads!   Bing has updated text ads to include a third headline and a second description in a move that will have Digital Account Managers everywhere rejoicing. Back in August, Google Ads did the same thing and…[…]

  • How To Increase Impressions on Bing Ads

    Posted by Michal W On October 27, 2018

    That's probably the most common question every Digital Account Manager asks at least once in their career. How many times have you suffered from insufficient traffic from your Bing campaigns? Why are generic keywords not triggering any impressions, or very few at the most? I'll bet the frustration and disappointment connected…[…]

  • Mobile Advertising Trends for 2018

    Posted by Jose Faria On March 5, 2018

    Mobile is becoming the platform for a variety of digital marketing strategies to reach your customer. To keep up with your competitors, it is important to utilise this channel to ensure you have covered all bases and are reaching your maximum target audience. Mobile advertising comes with many benefits, one…[…]

  • Bing Expanded Text Ads Rolling Out

    Posted by Michal W On September 1, 2016

    Somewhat predictably, Bing Expanded Text Ads (ETAs) have been launched in Beta - following on from the recent launch of Google AdWords' Expanded Text Ads. The Bing ETA pilot opened towards the end of August, with their intention to do so being announced back in June. As we detailed in…[…]

  • Google Vs. Bing Ads – Which Should You Use?

    Posted by akash On June 8, 2016

    In this article: Google vs Bing stats and facts, real-life case study and handy infographic for business owners/advertisers. Whilst we are a Google Premier Partner, we believe in being impartial and delivering bespoke services to our clients. That involves looking at a number of different avenues for getting their products/services…[…]

  • New Data Shows State of AdSpend [Infographic]

    Posted by Emily On April 21, 2016

    The data for UK Digital AdSpend for 2015 has been released by the Internet Advertising Bureau (of which Broadplace is the only Google Premier Partner to be a member). We were interested to see the rise in internet-enabled devices in the average family home. We've combined the IAB findings with…[…]

  • Bing’s Redesign Of Their Search Engine

    Posted by admin On July 11, 2012

    The search engine Bing, will soon launch its huge redesign of its already popular search page that aims to produce better and more useful results than the current design. The reasoning for the redesign is that the team at Bing feels that people now use search engines in a different…[…]

  • Top Quality Search Results and Removal of Junk

    Posted by admin On May 2, 2012

    Find out about how to overcome ‘junk’ and dead links here, this is something that all SEO companies need to deal with and is a large issue regarding search engine optimisation and providing top quality and consistent search results. Removing junk from internet search results is extremely important and failure…[…]

  • The Importance of Fresh Content in SEO

    Posted by admin On January 6, 2012

    When examining the ways of how a website can be improved, it is important to consider that you need to involve some form of SEO Company into the equation. SEO or search engine optimisation is the way of writing content by placing keywords into anything you may be writing. It…[…]

  • Bing Experiments With Showing Adverts in the Organic Search Results

    Posted by admin On July 29, 2011

    When it comes to search engine results, there has typically been a clear distinction between the organic search results and the paid search results. The former is decided through various factors, while the latter is provided by companies wishing to use pay per click to get more visitors to their…[…]

  • Web Pages Markup Gets Easier Thanks to Search Engines Alliance

    Posted by admin On June 13, 2011

    The three main competing search engines – Google, Yahoo and Bing, from Microsoft – are not often seen as best friends. But this week they have announced an alliance that should make it easier for webmasters to markup their web pages in a common format. The alliance is called,…[…]

  • Bing Connects With Facebook to Take Advantage of the Friend Effect

    Posted by admin On June 8, 2011

    Search engines are always evolving, but the most recent development concerns so called “social search”. This means you can access a more personalised search experience if you are a member of Facebook – and if you use Bing on a regular basis. Bing now has a connection with Facebook that…[…]

  • Bing Easy Shopping Search is Good News for PPC Advertisers

    Posted by admin On May 12, 2011

    Many advertisers looking to spend PPC budgets focus solely on Google to get the results they need. But if this includes you, you’re missing out on the opportunities presented by Bing shopping search. This search facility has been around for almost two years now. But Bing has recently released some…[…]

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