The Works Family Friendly Discount Store is a major omni-channel retailer operating in the United Kingdom. The Works had set 100% growth targets for its online channel over the Q4 period spanning christmas. Despite these ambitious growth targets in terms of overall sales and revenue, The Works also operate in a highly competitive market in terms of margin and cost of sale meaning that maximising and balancing ROI off the back of seasonal trends was also paramount.



  • Increase Overall Online Revenue by 36%
  • Maintain stable ROI
  • Provide Exposure on Seasonal Products
  • Expand Online Advertising to full Inventory



  • Google AdWords Paid Search
  • Bing/Yahoo Search Network Paid Search
  • Google AdWords Shopping Campaigns
  • Google AdWords Retargeting
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Content Promotion



  • Account Restructure
  • Shift To Google Shopping Campaigns
  • Increase Brand Exposure & Impression Share



  • 140% YoY Growth
  • 44% YoY Increase E-Commerce Conversion Rate
  • 600% YoY Sales Increase – Paid Search
  • 300% YoY Increase in Mobile Traffic
  • 75% Increase in Google Shopping YoY – Paid Search



The Works initially established themselves as an offline only retailer operating primarily within the discount books sector. They have 300+ bricks and mortar retail stores throughout the UK & Ireland. The Works first came online in 2010 promoting the website organically, they launched their Paid Search initiatives in late 2011 growing its contribution to online sales from just 2% to 28% growing overall sales online by over 1000% in the process.


Throughout 2014 The Works has served more than 24 million customers across the UK growing online transactions by over 150% YoY. The huge range of stock accessible to customers in store has proved to have great appeal to consumers of all types. The dynamic product range is constantly updated and consists of more than 40,000 different lines each year.


The cross-channel strategy adopted by The Works & Broadplace team has driven both increased volumes of growth as highlighted by Deloitte in the analysis below as well as delivering return on investment to the business at a greatly improved margin.


The opportunity to translate the company motto “What Will You Discover” from in-store into its’ current online offering is an exciting challenge, where consumer browsing and discovery element must be finely balanced with the ability to drive highly qualified traffic to the website through both paid and organic means.


Working in partnership with Broadplace the omni-channel approach adopted by both parties has yielded high growth and capitalised on market conditions promoting value for money and wide inventory to savvy shoppers across the country.