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CampaignHub assists our Account Managers with recognising threats and opportunities in real-time. In their dashboard, colour coded sections flag up areas to optimise your campaigns and the areas that are working well. Meaning that you get a far more pro-active approach with Broadplace. What’s more, you get to see all this. When we say we’re transparent, we mean it. See Reporting for more details.


What you get with your report

  • Identified Threats and Oportunities
  • Best Practices
  • Bid Suggestions
  • Optimisation Suggestions
  • Keyword/Negative Suggestions
  • Quality Score Analysis
  • Keyword Discovery
  • AdGroup performance
  • MatchType performance
  • Right down to keyword level
  • Opportunities - where could you be working smarter?
  • Month-on-Month or Year-on-Year trend comparisons
  • Bespoke account manager commentary, tailored to your business
  • Impression share gaps - where you might be missing out due to budget or AdRank

Campaign Summary


Campaign Summary

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