Yahoo Adds Trending for Image and Video Search

  • Posted by prasad
  • On May 29, 2010
  • Yahoo,

For those of who wanting to know what images and videos are being search now. This is what Yahoo has for you…
Yahoo Trending of Images and Videos
With both video and image search, Yahoo is featuring up to five pages of topics that are trending in search. There is an autoscroll to check out trends much quicker.
Yahoo in its blog;  Find Images and Videos Buzzing in Yahoo! Search mentions that there is a definitive upward trend in time spend on the image / video search pages.
We are sure this is a good feature and gives a good insight into the trending. It helps get a feel of whats hot and happening. With loads of enhancements in search space we are sure that this is a good feature and expect many small but useful releases from Yahoo!
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