Will SEO Content Get Better Still in 2011?

Will SEO Content Get Better Still in 2011?

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  • On January 11, 2011
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Most people would agree that the quality of written content across the web varies greatly depending on what you read and where you read it. Some webmasters are quite happy to put up content that makes no sense and doesn’t give the reader any real value. Provided it has the right keywords in the right places for SEO purposes, they are happy with the results as they are.
But a report from Hit Search in Liverpool reveals that search engine optimisation could be dominated by better quality content during 2011. This report is speculative in nature, but there is every reason to assume that it could well happen. Copywriting is much in demand at the moment, and it has been for many years as the internet has developed more and more. However quality has been questionable at the lower end of the market, and this is the area that could see some changes during the forthcoming year.
Perhaps many readers and internet surfers are getting bored with clicking through a high ranking Google result only to find they are faced with content that makes no sense. As any good quality SEO company will tell you, the quality of the content is just as important as the job it has to undertake.
This is where some providers and webmasters seem to make the mistake of focusing too much on SEO to the exclusion of all else. Anyone can write content that is poorly written and makes little sense, and slot in keywords in the correct places. But this does not encourage visitors to stay on the website or purchase anything, or indeed interact with that site in any other way. Instead of this they will leave and go elsewhere, in search of content that is better written and imparts the knowledge they are looking for.
So it will be interesting to see how the face of content writing and Search Engine Optimisation changes during 2011. Improvements are always being made in some areas, but it would be nice to see more webmasters putting more effort into the quality of the content they add to their sites.
Most people are aware that some webmasters put up lots of websites for the sole purpose of earning money. While there is nothing wrong with that, perhaps they will realise that quality content lasts longer, attracts more visitors and usually results in a better income as well. Relying on cheap and poor quality content writers does not bode well for the future.
As the world of the internet develops apace, SEO will remain as one of the most important factors for getting any website to rank highly in the search results. As there are more and more websites to compete against, the quality of the SEO and the writing will become ever more important. We shall certainly be watching closely during the year ahead to see whether low quality content packed with keywords starts to become less prevalent than it is now.
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