Why you Need Brand Campaigns

Why you Need Brand Campaigns

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  • On September 1, 2014
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The question of why we need a brand campaign is asked quite often. It’s not always easy to explain, but once it’s implemented the outcome more than proves its benefits.
Who should use Brand Campaigns?

  1. Companies with generic URLs/Company names
    With a generic URL or company name, if you have a brand campaign you will be able to reach not only the audience searching for your brand, but also those who are searching for something similar to what your company provides (assuming your company name reflects what you sell).
  2. Companies that don’t rank well for their brand organically
    If you don’t rank well organically for your brand (possibly because your name is generic – aha!) it creates a better sense of authority if you are shown both organically and through PPC.
  3. Everyone
    It works!

Why do we need Brand Campaigns?
There are several benefits to brand campaigns

    1. CPC are generally cheaper because less people (usually) will be competing for your name in relation to your business.
    2. Higher Quality Score, because it will be more relevant. If your keywords, domain, ads, brand, and links are all congruent it will give the QS a big boost.
    3. Higher CTR because those who are searching for your business most likely already have the intent of viewing your products or services.
    4. Lastly, it creates authority when you have ads and organic results on the SERP. When paired with other features like shopping campaigns (when applicable), and extensions it increases the probability of someone visiting your site, whether it’s paid or organic. This allows for much more SERP real estate.

Written by Jeffrey Chang

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