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Why We’re Excited About Android Pay

What is Android Pay?

Much the same as Apple Pay, Android Pay gives users the ability to pay for things in stores and online with their phone. In stores people simply swipe their phones over a card reader, just like the contactless cards we have now, and online there is a “buy with android pay” button if websites have it enabled.
Android Pay
As we know, mobiles are changing the way customers engage with purchases both on and offline. First the release of Apple Pay meant that people who have an iPhone 6 or 6+ could make contactless payments with their phones, tablets and even watches and now with Android Pay even more people have access to similar features.
Google recently brought out Android Pay in America as a direct competitor to Apple Pay. For all intents and purposes it does exactly the same thing. However there is one difference that makes it important in the marketing world, this is the sheer amount of people that will have access to the feature. A staggering 81.5% of the global smartphone operating system marketplace is claimed by Android, compared with 14.8% IOS, Apple’s operating system (source: digitaltrends.com).
Then, when you consider only 19% of Apple device users actually have a 6 or 6+ (where Apple Pay is able to be enabled) it’s a really small number compared with Androids 81.5% of the entire market:

Google’s casting a much wider net with support for all Android 4.4 KitKat phones with NFC chips, not just its own Nexus devices.” (source: techradar.com)

This graph clearly illustrates that mobile usage is going up and up each year:

Android Pay
source: smartinsights.com

Although the stats are from the USA the same trends can be found here in the UK. All these people using their mobile devices to browse the web combined with Apple and Android Pay simply means that a mobile marketing strategy can not be ignored.

What Does Android Pay Mean For…


Android and Apple Pay is making paying by phone even easier. Similarly to Apple Pay you’ll be able to pay for things online with a simple “Buy With Android Pay” button, as if Paypal wasn’t easy enough.
Android Pay Logo

…For Marketers

For people in the marketing world this means that, if we haven’t already, we should be making the necessary steps to ensure websites are e-commerce enabled (where applicable) and mobile friendly. Otherwise the margin of the market you’ll be missing out of will be unthinkable.

…For Retailers

It means that payment online is even easier, and some predict that it should reduce shopping basket abandonment.
Android Pay

When is Android Pay coming to the UK?

Android Pay
Google are yet to release an official launch date, however we can tell you that it will be after Australia. It has been rolled out in the USA so for the time being we can keep a close eye on its effects over there and ensure we are prepared over here from a marketing perspective.
In summary this is another mobile feature that changes the way we think not only as marketers and retailers, but also as consumers – they do like to keep us on our toes!

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