What to focus on with your pay per click campaign this year

What to focus on with your pay per click campaign this year

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  • On February 4, 2013
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Over the New Year, there are several things you need to be testing with your Google Display Campaigns. Many people will be more inclined to focus on the Search Network than to put too much time into their display campaigns. However, it’s still important to be checking their performance.
Firstly, you need to have a good understanding of how well both your text and image ads perform, and any differences between them. If one performs better, and has a lower conversion cost, then that’s the one you should be focusing on, as it will save you money and get you better results. You also need to compare how well the different types of image ad perform. For example, static images may receive a higher CTR than moving images, and vice versa. Different size images might also perform differently. Another thing you’ll want to check out is how your campaign’s performance varies over different devices. Desktop, mobile and tablet display campaigns may all have different results, so it’s important to check what works best for you and what needs working on.
Another thing to focus on with your pay per click campaign is your target audience. You might think about demographic targeting, to make sure your ads are reaching the audience you want them to. However, options are still fairly general, so users have to trust Google’s judgement on what will appeal to people of different ages and genders. You should make sure you are making use of the other targeting options, such as contextual targeting, or topic targeting to make sure the people who see your advert will actually be interested in it. When re-marketing, especially when using pay per click, don’t just target your entire list of site users, but be more specific, and target those who have actually shown an interest in your product before.

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