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What SEO Meant by Quality Links

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  • On March 16, 2011
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Search engine optimisation is very important for all types of websites. It doesn’t matter whether you have an online shop, a blog, a site created for the purpose of earning affiliate income or anything else. You will always want to get as many visitors as possible because those visitors will be turned into income in most cases – if you get it right of course.
One important way to get your website to rank better in the search results is to focus on getting plenty of links or Link Building to your website. There is a caveat in that though – they need to be good quality links. If you have found out about link farms and been tempted to buy links to gain a better standing in the search results, be very careful. Some of these methods are frowned upon by the search engines and they could end up with you being banned or sent down in the rankings. This would achieve the exact opposite of what you wanted, so be careful.
You can link from social media sites – for example open an account with Twitter and send a tweet alerting people to a new blog post on your site. This creates a link and an opportunity to get more traffic as well. You can also write articles for article submission sites to link back to your own website, giving you another way to get valuable back links.
Some ways of getting links are quite obvious and tend to be the first ones to come to mind. But other ways – ways that are equally as good – tend to get overlooked at times. For example think about leaving comments on blogs that are closely related to the topic of your own site. You can find these through Google searches so it is quite easy to gain those links. Look in particular for blogs that have Comment Luv on them, as these are quite powerful back links to get. Just make sure to moderate the number of comments you leave, perhaps a couple per day at most.
Another way to generate links is to create them within your own website. This means you can link different pages together and make it easier for people to go from page to page on your site. You may find they stay on board longer, purely because they can easily move from one page to another. It is easier for them to find more information this way. The search engine spiders will also find and index more of your site if you constantly link pages to other pages, so bear this in mind.
You can see that linking is incredibly important within the realm of SEO. If you are new to it start gradually and build your efforts constantly. You will soon be rewarded with more traffic as a result.
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