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What Can Customer Match Do For You?

What is Customer Match?


“It is the ability to target ads based upon email addresses”

Want to reach your email database without sending a blanket sales email? Using customer match allows you to show specific ads to customers logged in with their email address to Google, Google+, YouTube or Gmail.

“Target customers who are already in the market for your product.”

This latest feature on offer from Google is another step on the path to total personalisation. This strategy is useful when you have an email database and want to show highly targeted ads to leads or existing customers at specific moments.

Customer Match
Speed dating – Google style!


How Does Customer Match Work?

Customer Match is currently available across Google Search, YouTube TrueView, Gmail and the Google Display Network. You’ll need at least 1,000 email addresses on your list. Google promises that they’ll delete the data you provide after it has been used for this purpose only.

Customer Match Example…

Customer Match

  • Let’s say you’re selling shoes. The keyword “footwear” is probably too expensive for most SMEs to advertise because it’s broad and the competition is high.
  • With Customer Match, you could show ads to searchers who have previously made a purchase with you and now search for more generic terms such as “footwear” – If they have already made a purchase with you before, they are more likely to buy your products again.
  • The cost for this keyword will not be lower, but the commercial intent will be much higher as they have purchased with you previously.


Customer Match Possibilities

Facebook have been doing something similar (though on a smaller scale) with their Facebook Custom Audiences – based on users’ preferences. There’s a huge scope of possibilities for segmentation with this tool as well as data harvesting. Here are just some of the things you can do with Customer Match
1. Bring Back Previous Customers
In a similar vein to remarketing, you can target customers who’ve purchased with you before but haven’t been back to your site in a while.
2. Exclude Existing Customers
Don’t try and sell them the same thing twice
3. Cross-Sell Existing Customers
Show them some of your other product/service offerings.
4. Find Similar Customers
Create your ultimate customer list, your best buyers and look for behaviour/purchasing clues from others to add them to your list.

Customer Match

Customer Match Grey Area…

It isn’t yet possible for Google to find out whether email addresses that you upload have actually been obtained legally. Especially because the addresses can be uploaded encrypted.
The following scenarios could happen as a result…

  • Approaching customers that have unsubscribed
  • Using purchased email lists
  • Approaching customers/leads that have not given permission



Customer Match offers new opportunities to be able to target leads and customers without having previously been on your website or even searched for your product. This is now possible purely based on their email address that you received earlier. This is a direction that advertising has been taking for a while and we predict we will see even more similar innovations from Google in the near future. We’ll let you know!

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