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Visual Aspect of SEO – Google Instant Preview

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  • On January 19, 2012
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Google is constantly changing the way its search engine works and it is also offering new features that will change the way we use it. One recent example of this comes in the form of Google Instant Preview. You may already have seen this in action if you use the Google search engine a lot, because it will appear when you look at your search results. It only happens when you click on the small magnifying glass symbol when you first see it next to the results.
Once this has been done, hover your cursor over each search result you will see an arrow on the right hand side. Hover over that and you will get a preview of the website on the right side of the page. This gives you an instant preview of how the site looks and it can help you to decide whether you will visit it or not.
But while this can be good for searchers, how will it affect webmasters from an SEO point of view?
You will notice that your search term may be highlighted in this portion of the preview. You might be able to read a sentence or two appearing on the page without actually visiting the website. It has been said that you don’t need to worry about this new feature affecting your position in the search engines. But there is no doubt that this new visual element to SEO makes it even more important to ensure you get it just right.
If you are in any doubt over how to make sure your website ranks well in this sense, consult SEO services to get the professional advice you need. They need to stay ahead of the curve in order to offer the best possible service, so they will know more about SEO and Google Instant Preview than you might do.
One of the key lessons to take away from Instant Preview is that the best performing sites in this sense are those that do not have pop up ads on them. If you see a website with one of these appearing in the screenshot, you won’t see much information because it doesn’t appear easy to see. We could be about to see a return to basics – a good solid web page design with good information that is worthwhile to the audience it appeals to. If these pages do well in Google Instant Preview viewings, they might get more traffic as a result. The more uncluttered and appealing your pages look, the better they are likely to perform.
If you are in any doubt over how to do this, consult a good SEO Company services to make sure you give the right impression.

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