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VIDEO: How To Add A Location On Google My Business

by Ella Cicero, Account Manager and GMB Champion
It should be simple, but if you’re not used to the way Google My Business works, you could find it tricky to add or remove some information to make sure that your customers find you when they’re searching.

Why You Should Add a Location On Google My Business

  • Be found by customers
  • Make it easy for customers to get in touch

Ella – our GMB Champion here at Broadplace, runs you through how to add a location on Google My Business. Whether that’s a new office or a new branch. Often it can be daunting to transfer ownership of a location. It’s not nearly as bad as you think.
Here’s Ella’s video:

Hi! I’m Ella from Broadplace and here’s how to add a location on Google My Business in 1 minute:
So, you will have to click the pink Plus button in the Google My Business interface
… click add location
… then type in the business or location into Google maps
… if it doesn’t exist you can create it
… if it’s already verified (e.g. an old owner of the location) you need to request the admin rights from the current user.
… click request ownership
… you can choose the options that apply to you
… to do this, you have to get permission through the owner
.. if you aren’t able to contact the owner, start by calling Google – they can help you to transfer ownership.

You can watch more videos from Broadplace Advertising over on YouTube – new videos out each month. Or you can always get in touch with us to request one. What have you been finding tricky to achieve in the world of digital marketing?
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