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Effective Video Advertising Tips For Your Digital Marketing Campaign

The Video Advertising Trend

Video advertising is constantly growing in popularity. It has become an integral part of digital marketing campaigns for many businesses. This is due to it being an effective advertising strategy to increase interest and engagement from consumers on the web. It is a strong technique for targeting both desktop and mobile internet surfers. It allows brands to add their creative flair to their campaigns. The increasing need for video consumption has led to more companies creating regular video content for their audiences.
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Top Tips For Your Video Advertising Digital Marketing Campaign

1. Include a CTA – All video ads should include a call-to-action. This could be a hashtag, button or URL to increase brand recommendation and purchases. Engage and interact with your audience. Give them a reason to click through to your business from the ad. A coupon, competition or special offer can also be effective. The CTA is best included at the end of a video.
2. Consider the ad tone – Different ad tones can serve different goals. Adjust your tone depending on your audience and expectations. Comical ads are effective in getting consumers to familiarise themselves with a brand. International ads can be ideal for increasing purchases. Dramatic vibes are ideal for increasing a company’s affinity conversion.
3. 15 seconds! – The optimal length of a video ad is approx 15 seconds. It’s not too long and not too short and can boost purchase intent. No wonder Instagram has stuck to this popular time limit.

Grab their attention straight away

The start of your video is particularly critical. Make the first few seconds count. Grab their attention straight away with something that will spark consumer interest. People don’t always have time to watch lengthy videos, so keep it short and sweet!
4. Personalise the video – Include images of yourself, your team or your customers. Client testimonials can be a great addition. Show a consumer using your product or service. Make your content relevant and up to date. Show your audience why they should purchase with you. Make your digital marketing campaign count.
5. Highlight your selling points – Why is your brand unique and better than others? Tell your audience within the video! This is your time to shine. Share your achievements and showcase your track record. Positive feedback and benefits of your products or services should be included.
6. Choose a platform – When you have finished producing and editing your video, choose the right platforms to promote it. Youtube, Vimeo and Facebook are the most popular and reliable options. Why not use all 3 to reach the widest possible audience? You can even sync your posts to save extra time.
7. Quality is important – The videos need to be high quality. They reflect the reputation of your brand and give your consumers a perception of your products and services. Keep them engaged and impressed with quality content on a regular basis.
8. Think outside of the box – The market is tough and competitors will strive for the biggest share of consumers. You need to make your content stand out against your rivals. Do this by thinking outside of the box. This can include unique offers, funny storylines or an impressive and creative idea.

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