Various Google Ad Formats

Various Google Ad Formats

  • Posted by prasad
  • On May 23, 2010
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It’s a short and sweet window from Google regarding the way ads in search have changed from Google over last 10 years. Check Video on Various Ad formats from Google

All of us know that the pop up ads were, are and will always be painful for the web visitors and those are not the best way to attract the attention of buyers. 10 Years back when Google started serving “Good” quality ads very distinctively separated or highlighted on search; it was a good change and people loved it. People still love the standard text ads but web has changed and so is the way advertisers reach out to the targeted audience. Of course visitors are asking for more involved ads too!
Does it mean that Google should allow all videos / images / flashy stuff in the ads. May be yes , may e no … The way Google has integrated various formats in the ads along with text is easy on eyes and great to take a buying decision. The video above explains various ad formats with good examples.
A good PPC Consultant should quickly adapt to the new features and experiment along with Google. We at Broadplace are continuously looking for changes and testing it out for our customers.

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