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Understanding ‘Days to conversion’ in Google Adwords

Last month, Google quietly released a new ‘days to conversion’ segment to Adwords reporting, allowing advertisers better insight on their sales cycle. The data shows the number of days it takes for people to convert after clicking your ad, for all clicks during the selected date range.

Not every click to your landing page will lead to a conversion, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t purchase eventually. Many buyers want to shop around, compare prices and consider their purchase so they won’t necessarily make a purchase on their first visit. Based on prior campaign performance, Google’s ‘days to conversion’ segment estimates how many days you should expect to wait between the initial click and eventual conversion.

This data helps you plan seasonal promotions and help better understand how long you should wait after an ad click before evaluating campaign performance. Keywords, Ad Groups, Campaigns can now be segmented by Days to Conversion to allow you to look more closely at the content you’re targeting and where it falls in the sales funnel.

For example, if you are advertising your Christmas decoration collection starting in October, you may find that 90% of conversions don’t actually happen until November. You can use this insight to adjust the start date of your Adwords, or adjust the amount you bid for in order to maximise sales.

Where to find this feature

You can access the ‘days to conversion’ segment by clicking on the segment (circular icon) within the new Adwords interface > Conversion > Days to conversion.

Google recommends setting the date range in the interface to at least a 30-day span to maximise the data volume.

To find out more information about this feature or to get a review of your Google Adwords, contact our Google Qualified experts at Broadplace.

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