Twitter Has Taken Internet Marketing To A New Level

Twitter Has Taken Internet Marketing To A New Level

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  • On October 15, 2009
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More and more companies are looking for ways to market their products and services on the internet. Social media and networking sites are growing in popularity and so are the advertisements that are found on them. Twitter, one of the most popular social networking sites, has become the new media for companies who are engaging in social media marketing. Social media marketing is doubling the impact regular advertising has and helping many companies reduce their marketing costs. Those companies utilizing Twitter to reach out and touch someone also recognize the media’s potential in reaching new customers. With a touch of search engine optimization added, tweets are helping companies that use Twitter get better exposure and are driving traffic home.
It remains to be seen just how long Twitter is going to remain a viable marketing tool. The social media site has grown so big so fast that industry pundits have to question if it is just a fad or something that will stick around. While many still think it is just a personal interaction tool, companies are researching the amount of Twitter use that is really going on. 90% of tweets are posted by the top 10% of users as compared to other social networking sites. These same 10% on other sites only post about 30% of the content.
What does this mean for businesses that want to use Twitter? It means that Twitter is an open platform for companies who want to find their potential customers. They can do that by simply starting a tweet and seeing how people respond. Once they get a discussion going they can start to reach out to those tweeting back. Twitter is a much underutilized business tool that is waiting to add a new dimension to businesses. It’s only a matter of time. Broadplace Advertising having expertise having well established as PPC and SEO Company has well formulated SMO services offering.
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