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Turning Insight into Action

Broadplace recently attended the Google Premier SMB Partner conference. One of the key objectives outlined by Todd Rowe (Managing Director – Google Channel Sales) at the event was that each attendee would have at least one key takeaway from the conference.
With so many valuable sessions taking place, we as an agency wanted to not only share our key thoughts and takeaways with the wider community and customers, but also hold ourselves accountable for turning these insights into action points.
After all, in an industry where we believe that tracking, measuring and optimising are crucial to improving performance – we want to prove, and apply that methodology to our internal strategies as well.
Google SMB Premier Partner

My Top 3 TakeAways


Treat Customer Satisfaction as a Product 

Whilst we’re incredibly proud to have taken part in the panel of exceptional customer service results, we were enthused by the idea of key Googlers who believed in treating customer satisfaction as a product, constantly requiring review and iteration.
Happiness and satisfaction are never static, and are subject to other emotional reference points so we need to learn to not be satisfied with our best in class customer service results either, coming up with new products and ways to measure and improve our clients happiness.
Google Premier SMB Partner
What We’ve Actioned
In addition to our multiple customer feedback mechanisms we conducted some focus groups with account managers to find out how we could make these satisfaction tools more actionable and useful internally as well, with a question, “How can we improve this product?”.
Our Account Management team felt that by displaying our customer satisfaction in a live view on dashboards around the office they would be motivated by positive feedback and also close the loop and reduce response times to neutral or negative feedback.
Insight into Action
The Result
These product improvements, in combination with many other initiatives, have meant that we’re heading into a record breaking month for customer retention, feedback, referrals and success!


We define every aspect of digital!

Jeff Folckemer gave an influential return speech in which he highlighted how he wants Hearst Newspapers to be the front of all digital and Google products for clients, not just paid advertising products.
Google SMB Premier Partner
What We’ve Actioned
We took a step back and looked at where we stood on adoption of free digital products such as Google My Business map listings and decided that although customers can and should update their own listings for free…that we should lead, by analysing our adoption rates we realised that we needed to own this product more for our customers (completely free of charge) to be recognised and valued as experts on their business.
Taking the extra 5 minutes to help a client get seen on Google Maps really gets us under our clients skin and understand how their business looks from the street, typing in their phone number reminds us how important each call is and uploading their logo brings us closer to the identity that business wants to convey.
The Results
Through adding this as a focus for our existing customers and, including this service as standard for all new customers we’ve managed to push our Google My Business adoption rates up to over 60% and bring extra value to all our customers – all completely free to them!


Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

A common theme across all the sessions was that our sales process and services should be easy to follow for customers and our consultants, back to front or side to side! By understanding every single rule and situation, our team are better equipped to go the extra mile when making an exception, creating a custom solution, or dealing with a one in a billion business like yours!
Google Premier SMB Partner
What We’ve Actioned
We’ve been busy on our sales solution front, moving to a completely new CRM to give us valuable customer insight to help match each business with a solution that suits them. Improving our call monitoring to ensure our teams have the best training and resources, and building a newtool ready for launch this week which will allow any business to quickly, simply and clearly create a digital marketing plan of their own!
The Results
These new techniques have allowed our newest digital consultants to bring record numbers of customers online this month, opting them into more custom services than ever before, and with the quickest build and launch times we’ve ever had!


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