The Search Alliance- Yahoo and Bing

The Search Alliance- Yahoo and Bing

  • Posted by Broadplace
  • On March 28, 2011
  • Yahoo,

The widely talked about ‘Search Alliance’ between Yahoo and Bing is well underway. Having already been implemented in the USA & Canada the alliance is now set to happen next quarter for the UK, Ireland and France. The rest of Europe will transition through end 2011 and 2012.
Both Yahoo and Bing have recently experienced an increase in market share when it comes to search and this new move means that advertisers can benefit from the significant increase in reach but through a single platform. The alliance will mean that the AdCentre platform will deliver ads across both the Yahoo and Bing sites giving access to a much wider audience through one easy to manage platform. The Ad Centre platform has been tweaked to make things even simpler for agencies and advertisers alike and has a host of new features added to the platform.
As  a result of this change Broadplace will no longer charge customers separately to manage their Yahoo and Bing advertising. So it’s never been a better time to try advertising on both Yahoo and Bing and make your business accessible to an audience of 557 million unique users worldwide.
A lot more volume for a lot less effort!

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