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The New Google Logo – Love It or Hate It?

We’re a Google Premier SME Partner, as well as Google Analytics Certified Partner. Of course we love it! But I bet you won’t guess exactly why…
Approximately 690 news articles have been written about the new Google logo so far (according to Google News!). It’s big news when a global brand like Google change things up. With that change comes inevitable question – love it or hate it?
The change has generally been welcomed in the tech world. Some naysayers are arguing that ‘they could’ve designed that’ themselves. Undoubtedly a lot of time, effort and focus groups went into such a redesign. We take a look at the evolution of the logo, the reasons behind the change and whether or not we like it here at Broadplace…

New Google Logo Evolution

New Google Logo

As a Google Premier SME Partner, we are surrounded by the logo on a daily basis. It’s on our homepage, it’s on the walls, our mugs and even our pens. So we, like the rest of the world, have been immersed in the familar. The few resistant-to-change types in our office were a bit unsure about it at first, but even they conceded that the old serifed logo was in need of an update.


That update is all the more timely when you consider that Google are undergoing a restructure with their new parent company Alphabet. Google is streamlining and simplifying everything, even the logo.

New Google Logo

Size Matters

It’s also worth pointing out that the friendly, childlike font also uses less bytes.
New Google Logo
We are especially glad of this fact because it will directly help our sister office in India. While we easily gobble up GBs of data, there are parts of the world with less access to affordable data. This is something that Google spent a lot of time explaining at Google IO 2015. Google are looking at the bigger picture and getting people globally online. It’s a small step on a big path.

What Google Says

As Google themselves say, this is just the tip of the iceberg. So it may just be a new logo to some, but for Google it’s a big change and a step forward to a new way of helping you today and tomorrow.
So, in summary, do we love it or hate it? After that inspiring video, who couldn’t love it?

New Google Logo

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