The Mobile Traffic Takeover

The Mobile Traffic Takeover

It was just a matter of time, wasn’t it?
The inexorable advance of mobile device traffic from paid sources has culminated, in at least one instance, in desktop, laptop & tablet traffic being overtaken in terms of click volume – it’s a big deal.
The shift in behaviour has not been a slow burner, with mobile traffic in one campaign going from 20% to 50% in just 2 MONTHS!!!
We have now all been exposed to Google’s Enhanced campaigns for well over 6 months and the new features at our disposal are commonplace in the majority of the accounts we come across as an agency. It is no different for existing accounts either.
New features have been used extensively throughout the campaign example in my graphic above, such as mobile bid adjustments and mobile preferred adverts with specific call to actions. What it does not explain is why there has been such a surge in mobile engagement, at the expense of other devices and fixed access internet users.
One theory could be that we are simply able to fit more relevant clicks into our budget. We have observed that mobile device CPCs are still lower than their desktop/tablet equivalents, with higher average positions also being noticed. Higher positions and lower CPCs = win/win right?
Possibly. It depends so much on your vertical. A lot of online retail clients are not seeing the same percentage of mobile traffic coming through naturally, so the opportunity is not always there. The service-based campaign example above will have completely different objectives and results to that of a mass online retailer.
I would still recommend that if your percentage of mobile traffic from paid sources is over 25, I suggest taking optimization for mobile users seriously because this could mean cheaper, more relevant clicks that would not have been otherwise received. We began optimizing for mobile when we noticed mobile traffic at around 18% in April. If the general online consensus tells us mobile traffic is overtaking desktops/laptops now in 2013, then in 2014 it will most likely be the case for almost everyone, regardless of their industry.
Written by Dominic Hart, PPC Specialist

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