The Key to SEO in your blog posts

The Key to SEO in Your Blog Posts

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  • On November 22, 2010
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There are four key steps to ensuring SEO for your blog posts, a concept that is often overlooked by writers, at their own peril.
As a blog content writer, you should never underestimate the power of SEO – it could mean the difference between 100 and 100,000 readers. You have to be sure that your content appeals to the web crawlers employed by Google and other such search engines.
It stands to reason that the everyday reader would search for a blog post using a search engine, so it is therefore important that you appeal to Google’s web crawlers as much as possible, so affording you a highly ranking site for the search terms that a potential reader enters relating to your content.
If you hire an external  SEO company, they will not only create a  quality blog but also optimise the blog to support your business and to increase  online visibility of the website.
There are four easy steps to ensuring successful SEO in your blog posts, and you should be sure to follow them wherever possible.
The first step is to include possible search terms in your post’s title, as Google works in code form and the code for the title is the first thing it will see (and therefore the most important). Focusing on one strong search term and including that in your title is the key. The second step is to link keywords from your current post to previous posts or other pages on your blog; this is because Google sees well linked sites as “more important” than poorly linked ones.
Next, you must be careful with tagging; include enough tags to hit all possible topics, but not so many that you get penalised in Google’s rankings for over tagging – 5 to 10 are advised. Finally, use Google Insights to choose your search terms and tags, as it shows the popularity of search terms before you choose them.
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