The AdWords updates continue

The AdWords updates continue

In the past 12 months we have seen the inner workings of AdWords change quite a bit. The new features and improvements have come thick and fast, keeping us advertisers on our toes and it looks like Google won’t be letting their foot off the pedal any time soon. The next update is all about AdWords conversion tracking, but what is changing exactly?

What’s changing?
Coming in February you will be given more control over your AdWords conversions, you’ll be able to decide how you want to count various conversion actions. For example, you can opt to count every instance of certain conversion actions (like transactions) while you only count unique instances of different conversion actions (like leads or form fill outs).
Column name change

To start with, ‘1-per-click conversions ‘ has been redubbed ‘Converted clicks’. The new column name more accurately reflects what the column actually is, i.e. the clicks that actually result in a conversion (one, at least). I personally prefer to measure the total number of conversions rather than just the number of clicks that resulted in conversions as one click could be responsible for a multiple number of sales or multiple number of leads.
‘Conversions (many-per-click)’ will be removed in favour of a new ‘Conversions’ column which now has added functionality. The column now counts conversions based around the way in which you wish each conversion action to be counted.
If you don’t make any changes, the new ‘Conversions’ column will look the same as the ‘Conversions (many-per-click)’ that is currently visible. ‘Conversions (1-per-click)’ will be renamed ‘Converted clicks’ though there isn’t any change in terms of functionality.
This change is aimed at giving you more control over exactly what you want to track through AdWords giving you the ability to more accurately calculate your ROI which can only be a good thing!
Written by Richard Heelas

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